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Goodbye TtT

Posted: 12 February, 2012 by Kelly Chan in Kelly
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G’day guys, I have been working very hard on our new website, therefore I am going to stop blogging here from now on. 1moreinfo provides at least 1 update each day. It has more diverse vibe and topics, we make sure every one can learn 1 more information after visiting our site.

1moreinfo: Life Gets Better and Easier with 1 More Information

If you are a subscriber to my ticktechtold blog, you can leave your email address here, or subscribe the newsletter in 1moreinfo Contact page. It has been a nice journey with WordPress, I sincerely appreciate all the amazing comments that I get everyday, hope I can keep you all motivating and inspiring our new website.

Remember to come and visit our awesome site:

Frankly I have never had a Android phone, this is my first experience of using Galaxy Note and I am making a review video of it. Feel free to leave a Comment and share with us what is your experience and what do you think of Android and iOS.

Galaxy Note:

  • 5.3″ screen
  • HD super amoled display with 1280×800 resolution
  • Lighter than an iPhone
  • Sensitive and smart feature with the use of S Pen
  • 8MP camera
  • Long battery life (it lasts for 1 day for me)
  • Awesome video and picture editing function
  • Full email feature like Outlook
  • Business Oriented

Yesterday, the media manager from renowned company asked me, what would be the biggest hit in technology this year?

I immediately said “iPhone5” . First of all, apple has their production period for every product. iPhone5 would be coming later this year. Why would iPhone5 be the biggest hit instead of Android? Obviously I am an Apple fans 🙂

Android is very powerful and business oriented, though the whole experience that iPhone can provide is completely different. It is true that people may found iTunes is hard to manage and organize, and Androids provides a better platform for different kind of users. However, most of the people find apple easier to pick up.

What would be the biggest hit in 2012? You tell me … hopefully we can share more ideas with each other

iPhone without data

Posted: 8 December, 2011 by Kelly Chan in Kelly
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I have been to Singapore for 2 months. Since minimum contract takes 2 years to complete, I decided to use prepaid only (and it is a good decision for me). My prepaid sim card has no data, at first I thought my iPhone has become brick. I only use it to listen to music, alarm or mini game like “Fling” to kill my time.

Though I have found myself. I started picking up an actual books to read on the road. I started to be more productive and do my thing rather than tumbling my fingers to whatsapp or Facebook.

I still use my iPhone at home using wi-fi but most of the time I stick with laptop. I think it is a good thing to experience. I will still need all the social media but I now also know how addicted I was.

I think people should really be careful of the usage of their phone, there is still a life out there, experience it. Open you eyes to the world. Do not abuse the technology that helps with our life. It plays a main role in our future, so treat it right.

Let me know what you think… How long can you stay “alive” without your smartphone?


Yes, that’s right. No INK cartridge or ribbons are needed. It is a technique for color printing.

How to print?

It’s secret is inside the paper. The printer basically using some kind of chemistry, engineering, physics, image science, or manufacturing whatsoever, to make the color inside the paper to appear. So the color come out from the PAPER!


ZINK printers like WASABI PRINTER is super small. It can be as small as a external hard drive, which is completely portable.
Simply you just have to connect your digital camera, computers to the printer, or use wireless function to connect your mobile to the printer, whatever is capable with USB or wireless.

Imagine, ZINK can totally replace the instant camera!!!
It’s smaller, it has better quality, it has better compatibility, it’s more environmental friendly, and most importantly, it looks much cooler!!! 🙂

More details here :

Starting price is $149, click here to buy now : BUY NOW

In the meantime, there is a ZINK Boundaries Competition, here is the info.

ZINK Imaging is sponsoring our first annual Zero Boundaries™ design competition to challenge established design firms, emerging designers, and students of design to imagine new and innovative solutions that enable and enhance printing with the ZINK™ Technology.

< Click here to register! >

Zero Boundaries™ Design Competition Goal

ZINK Technology enables a new category of products that print in a whole new way and take printing to whole new places. The goal of the design competition is to re-imagine printing and its role in the digital world using the ZINK Technology. Whether the design solutions explore existing printing needs in a new way, or envision new contexts and opportunities for printing to add value, this exploration will fuel the future possibilities of this unique technology platform.

Awards and Recognition

Cash prizes will be awarded and lots of exposure planned!  Finalists will be publicized, with the top design solutions winning cash prizes.

Have a nice Easter holiday!!
TtT – Kelly

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