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Posted: 13 May, 2009 by Kelly Chan in Entertainments, mac, media, mobile, Technology, windows


What happened to the next generation of PDA’s? Not long ago there were PDA’s that were at times more useful than desktop or laptop computers. A search for the latest 2009 models reveal a technical mistake of sorts, if you want to even call it that:

Iphones, Blackberrys, and even SMARTPHONES are listed as PDA’s?!

Okay let’s take a step back here, and try to let it sink in a bit. I’m in no way a purist but I hardly think an Iphone can be considered a PDA. It has PDA-like capabilities, but the idea of trying to sync outlook with an Iphone is about as funny as the idea of trying to play Mario kart with a Blackberry Curve.

Quite simply put the technological world, at least by name, thinks of the Iphone as a PDA and the former mentioned PDA’s (Ipaq, Axim) as Pocket PC’s. I guess it makes sense though, if you own any of these Pocket PC’s.

The really sad thing about this comparison is that pocket pc’s not only have a faster processor, but more memory through expansions (Flash cards, SD cards) more hardware through expansion, better screens (seriously, is anyone going to argue the Ipaq hx2700 doesn’t blow away an Iphones pitiful screen?) more configurable operating systems (windows mobile, linux, and soon the google op system Android.)

Wait, let me say that again.


Lower prices…And then of course, wifi. My old arse Axim x50v, while playing Final Fantasy VII, laughs deeply at all Blackberry’s.

No offense to Apple, but a five year old ‘Pocket PC’ still has a ton more features and specs than the Iphone will ever have.

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Many Thanks To William, Luv Ya! -3-

People may find some of their youtube video pages are fliped.

Simply delete the “&flip=1” at the end of the link.

For the April Fools virus “Conficker”.

To check if your computer is  infected, go to or

If you can’t access to the website, sorry, you are fooled! Try update your anti-virus, erase them. And as I know Microsoft already had actions on it.

Happy April Fools!!

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TtT proudly present our partnership The Metaphorical Beatdown hosted by Matt

Currently the site is moved from Here to NING which is

NING is a site that under a huge social network. All you have to do is to sign up an account then you can use it to access to  GEEKS, NING and many other networks for you to have fun.

Social network is very functional, it has forums, blogs, live stream, album, galleries…etc
Just try it, you will have fun for sure!

I am going to extract posts from TtT and Xanga to the MB in a regular basis.
Basically we help out each other. The MB is based on movie review, Matt is a professional writer from Canada, you can view his master piece on his blog

The MB also has a partnership of photographic –

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Want to have Apple font on your PC?

Posted: 20 March, 2009 by Kelly Chan in computers, Kelly, mac, Technology, windows
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Mac’s font is PC users’ envy?

Here are links from, you can download the Myriad Apple TTF and Myriad Pro

Once you have downloaded them, unzip them, copy and paste them into your Fonts file.

The directory would be C:\WINDOWS\Fonts

Those fonts  can be used in almost everywhere, you can use them in communication softwares like msn, word processing softwares like Word, etc.

TtT – Kelly