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My first Nepali song – Ma maunta ma

Posted: 31 January, 2012 by Kelly Chan in video
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First time singing Nepali song, hope you like it.



Check out my YouTube respond to Chris Pirillo’s video about Foursquare.

To me, it really has no point to become a mayor on foursquare, but Foursquare check-in is way better than Facebook. It is more accurate, it has more places that you can check in.

2 weeks ago, I went to a small village in Malaysia, I was surprised that I can find a small restaurant to check in on Foursquare but not Facebook. For people who loves to share their activities on the social media, I prefer Foursquare. Therefore, I still see the use of foursquare 🙂

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about it. Thank you.

TtT – Kelly

New YouTube Design

Posted: 5 December, 2011 by Kelly Chan in video
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My Video about the new YouTube Design.

To me, I think it is a very good and neat design compared to the old one. It is more compatible to the social network. YouTube had been adding more and more functions and this time the new design gives it a more opened view. Users can access to those live channel,  education channels and even movies. (Highly recommending “Life In A Day”)

Though there are people saying it is hard to find video from the YouTube homepage when they have more than 100 subscribed channels. I think it takes time to get used to it. The interface is good, it gives a more professional look. I am liking it overall. What do you think? Please leave a commend, and if you like my channel please subscribe to it 🙂 Thanks.

TtT – Kelly

My First YouTube Video

Posted: 5 December, 2011 by Kelly Chan in video
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I have been wanting to do it for a long time. I was gifted a Bloggie so that I am able to do HD video recording now. I probably spent most of the time on the internet on YouTube. I have watched tons of good video so  I thought I may as well try it out.

I am obviously not a local English speaker, hopefully people will like my channel and subscribe to it.

I bet most of you have already read the news about the corporation between Facebook and Skype. You can call your online facebook friends with your web browser just like Skype! Though the video and sound quality is not as good as I expected, I am looking forward to seeing more improvements. I believe facebook and Google+ are trying hard to catch everyone’s heart. It would be very interesting for users like us who loves the social network.

If you want to start experiencing this new feature you can go to

Please leave your comments about this new facebook Skype video calling feature, or any thoughts about all other social network. If you have any questions, feel free to send email to me @

TtT – Kelly

Looking for places to watch movies or TV shows on your computer or mobile devices for free? All you need is a browser and Flash enabled.

  • No cost
  • No country restriction
  • No credit card needed
  • No registration needed
  • No need to download
  • No hassle!!!



Both sites provide different links for the streaming movie. The most efficient way to me is to choose the highest rating one with the highest view. It may like some time to load if your internet bandwidth is not high enough.

TV Shows

If you are living out of the US and can’t be bothered to use Proxy to use Hulu, don’t worry. This site has most of the TV Shows and episodes with a pretty neat and clean layout. Users can easily search for what they would like to watch with good quality and fast uploads.

For users who is looking for more stable and higher quality videos

Download PPStream

It has numerous channels and users can jump to different sections of the video without long buffers. Live channel is also in the playlist to watch TV live. It is one of the most complete P2P software created by Taiwanese.

If you have any good sites for videos, please share with us with comments or email to Thanks

TtT – Kelly

TtT proudly present our partnership The Metaphorical Beatdown hosted by Matt

Currently the site is moved from Here to NING which is

NING is a site that under a huge social network. All you have to do is to sign up an account then you can use it to access to  GEEKS, NING and many other networks for you to have fun.

Social network is very functional, it has forums, blogs, live stream, album, galleries…etc
Just try it, you will have fun for sure!

I am going to extract posts from TtT and Xanga to the MB in a regular basis.
Basically we help out each other. The MB is based on movie review, Matt is a professional writer from Canada, you can view his master piece on his blog

The MB also has a partnership of photographic –

TtT – Kelly