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Do you want to quit smoking?

Posted: 24 March, 2012 by Kelly Chan in Uncategorized

If you are one of those who are addicted to smoke and can’t quit, you are in the right place now. Let me update 1 more information about E-cig. E-cig is an electronic cigarette which is healthy way of smoking and eventually you will quit smoking right after you start e-cig. 

Good news for smokers

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To buy e-cig or to join referral program detail, please click here and learn more about how to make money as well as how to stay healthy while smoking.


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1moreinfo: Life Gets Better and Easier with 1 more Information

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Life Gets Better and Easi…

Posted: 13 February, 2012 by Kelly Chan in Uncategorized

Life Gets Better and Easier with 1 More Information

Life Gets Better and Easier with 1 More Information

Some of you might have already heard of this news before. Many countries are doing human trafficking, some of the kids or girls are sold, nevertheless, some are even sold for organs.

Here is one of the cases in Mainland China, a girl was picked up by a good looking guy in nightclub. The guy got her drunk and rented a hotel room. They had sex then the girl was fainted. When she woke up she realized she is laying in the bathing tub filled with water with ice. She called emergency, later on doctor came and found out she has 2 9-inches stitches on her lower back. 2 of her kidneys are stolen!

From the news, she died later on since no kidney donor for her. I am posting this to raise the awareness of the serious of human trafficking and organ stealing. Please share this post to make have a peace world for everyone. Thank you.

Frankly I have never had a Android phone, this is my first experience of using Galaxy Note and I am making a review video of it. Feel free to leave a Comment and share with us what is your experience and what do you think of Android and iOS.

Galaxy Note:

  • 5.3″ screen
  • HD super amoled display with 1280×800 resolution
  • Lighter than an iPhone
  • Sensitive and smart feature with the use of S Pen
  • 8MP camera
  • Long battery life (it lasts for 1 day for me)
  • Awesome video and picture editing function
  • Full email feature like Outlook
  • Business Oriented

Yesterday, the media manager from renowned company asked me, what would be the biggest hit in technology this year?

I immediately said “iPhone5” . First of all, apple has their production period for every product. iPhone5 would be coming later this year. Why would iPhone5 be the biggest hit instead of Android? Obviously I am an Apple fans 🙂

Android is very powerful and business oriented, though the whole experience that iPhone can provide is completely different. It is true that people may found iTunes is hard to manage and organize, and Androids provides a better platform for different kind of users. However, most of the people find apple easier to pick up.

What would be the biggest hit in 2012? You tell me … hopefully we can share more ideas with each other

Hong Kong Utopia

Posted: 22 January, 2012 by Kelly Chan in Uncategorized
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Hong Kong is a very busy and crowded city, however I found this Utopia in Diamond Hill. Due to a lunch invitation, finally I have a chance to go there for a very lovely vegetarian meal.

This Utopia is called “Chi Lin Nunnery”, it is a Buddhist temple in the middle of the city.  I was so amazed I can find this peaceful and quiet place surrounded by uncountable tall concrete buildings in my hometown, world leading financial centre Hong Kong.