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2011 Technology Review

Posted: 14 December, 2011 by Kelly Chan in Technology
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Hope y’all have a wonderful time in 2011, as the end of the year come closer, let me do a 2011 technology review. We have lots of new technology came out, the most exciting ones are as follow:

  • The most exciting Apple products are iPad 2 and iPhone 4s
  • The most exciting Windows products are….. NOTHING (advice me if you have any)
  • The most exciting electric car is Audi e-tron Spyder
  • The most exciting app is Twitter, in terms of the capability over the year
  • The most exciting browser is Chromium
  • The most exciting social media is still Facebook

What do you think of my list? Leave some comment below and give us more reviews, thank you 🙂

TtT – Kelly


Check out my YouTube respond to Chris Pirillo’s video about Foursquare.

To me, it really has no point to become a mayor on foursquare, but Foursquare check-in is way better than Facebook. It is more accurate, it has more places that you can check in.

2 weeks ago, I went to a small village in Malaysia, I was surprised that I can find a small restaurant to check in on Foursquare but not Facebook. For people who loves to share their activities on the social media, I prefer Foursquare. Therefore, I still see the use of foursquare 🙂

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about it. Thank you.

TtT – Kelly

Pages App for iPhone

Posted: 10 June, 2011 by Kelly Chan in mac, mobile, Technology
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I have just downloaded Pages which costs USD$9.9. I would say it is useful if you are patient enough to work in this small screen and toggling objects all around with fingers.

There are many varieties and default objects you can choose from menu. However graphic is not very smooth and objects are very hard to control. Is it worth paying $9.9 for this App, Keynote or Numbers on iPhone? I would only do a thumb up for iPad.

Apple strategy for iOS5

Posted: 10 June, 2011 by Kelly Chan in mac, Technology

When iOS4 came out there were lots of changes however iOS is still not user friendly. Steve Jobs announced iOS5 with the biggest topic of this WWDC, iCloud. Beta is already available for Apple developers.

iCloud it’s like a virtual media for you to share all your files and everything between networks.

Apple created iOS4 with inefficiency and iOS5 with better functionality and mobility I would say, developer always create issues and sell another product to debug it. Besides, those “new functions” are not new to some of us since jailbreaker experienced them long time back already.

Though I cannot wait to experience on-hand with the better smoothness and compatibility of the notification menu. Your mummy can finally sync their Apple devices easier by putting them on the dock not by putting them on the to-do list. Most probably Apple is going to announce iPhone5 this fall with iOS5 with Lion, then start selling it few months later with better versions. At least some rumors are unveiled now, looking forward to more excitements.


Everyone likes to show off, and even if you don’t admit it your personality is often shown through your accessories. There is a reason there are so many mobile phones to choose from, each with more varying exterior features than interior.

At some point it also became a brand name war, and there is nothing wrong with saying that Apple, Sony, and maybe even  Nokia (holy &*(^ at their numbers!!) are kicking the collective butts of other makers.

As much as people rant and rave about them, the Iphones are everyone’s guilty pleasure. Are you a business user? Pick up your clichéd Blackberry and you’re good to go. How about a new mobile user looking to break into the fold? Look no further than the text monster from LG, the Xenon.

But among these little toys, there lies a phone that is on an entire different level than the rest. Where the peons thrive, the wealthy turn their nose up and have their own way to express themselves. Because, for the wealthy, there is the luxury mobile maker  Vertu.

The Ferrari of mobile phones, Vertu is a British based mobile phone maker that specializes in only the highest quality of materials. Seriously, these phones have gold, rubies, sometimes even diamonds!! And to even further separate them from the lower class of phones, they have their own “Concierge key”

This key, when pressed, gives the user 24 hour service to help him with his needs. Think of it as Onstar in America-only this time useful -_-‘’

If you do some price searching, you can find some old versions for as little as 3 grand usd. If you want to splurge, then feel free to purchase the 310 grand versions.

Oh, to be wealthy!

TtT – William

Best Guy I Have Ever Seen in My Lift

Article Strike

Posted: 13 May, 2009 by Kelly Chan in Entertainments, mac, media, mobile, Technology, windows


What happened to the next generation of PDA’s? Not long ago there were PDA’s that were at times more useful than desktop or laptop computers. A search for the latest 2009 models reveal a technical mistake of sorts, if you want to even call it that:

Iphones, Blackberrys, and even SMARTPHONES are listed as PDA’s?!

Okay let’s take a step back here, and try to let it sink in a bit. I’m in no way a purist but I hardly think an Iphone can be considered a PDA. It has PDA-like capabilities, but the idea of trying to sync outlook with an Iphone is about as funny as the idea of trying to play Mario kart with a Blackberry Curve.

Quite simply put the technological world, at least by name, thinks of the Iphone as a PDA and the former mentioned PDA’s (Ipaq, Axim) as Pocket PC’s. I guess it makes sense though, if you own any of these Pocket PC’s.

The really sad thing about this comparison is that pocket pc’s not only have a faster processor, but more memory through expansions (Flash cards, SD cards) more hardware through expansion, better screens (seriously, is anyone going to argue the Ipaq hx2700 doesn’t blow away an Iphones pitiful screen?) more configurable operating systems (windows mobile, linux, and soon the google op system Android.)

Wait, let me say that again.


Lower prices…And then of course, wifi. My old arse Axim x50v, while playing Final Fantasy VII, laughs deeply at all Blackberry’s.

No offense to Apple, but a five year old ‘Pocket PC’ still has a ton more features and specs than the Iphone will ever have.

TtT – William

Many Thanks To William, Luv Ya! -3-

FF 3.5 b4

Posted: 20 April, 2009 by Kelly Chan in Kelly, Technology
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I am currently using 3.1 b3

Can’t wait for the 3.5 b4

It will be released between 22 – 24 April.

And 3.0.9 will be release on 22 April also. OMG!

p.s. portable FF is so sexy