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People may find some of their youtube video pages are fliped.

Simply delete the “&flip=1” at the end of the link.

For the April Fools virus “Conficker”.

To check if your computer is  infected, go to or

If you can’t access to the website, sorry, you are fooled! Try update your anti-virus, erase them. And as I know Microsoft already had actions on it.

Happy April Fools!!

TtT – Kelly

TtT proudly present our partnership The Metaphorical Beatdown hosted by Matt

Currently the site is moved from Here to NING which is

NING is a site that under a huge social network. All you have to do is to sign up an account then you can use it to access to  GEEKS, NING and many other networks for you to have fun.

Social network is very functional, it has forums, blogs, live stream, album, galleries…etc
Just try it, you will have fun for sure!

I am going to extract posts from TtT and Xanga to the MB in a regular basis.
Basically we help out each other. The MB is based on movie review, Matt is a professional writer from Canada, you can view his master piece on his blog

The MB also has a partnership of photographic –

TtT – Kelly

Pimps now using social networking websites and online chat as tools to recruit under-aged girls.

Source – Wired