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iPhone 5

Posted: 13 December, 2011 by Kelly Chan in mobile
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Have you noticed everything comes out before announcement day are all rumors?

People said iPhone 5 will come out, however what we see is iPhone 4Gs (a.k.a. the most amazing iPhone yet). I would say Apple really keep their secret pretty well.

Let’s say the next one is iPhone 5, what do we expect from the another most amazing iPhone? Here are the new features that I want to see, at least…

  • Bigger Screen because we need it
  • Faster processor for sure
  • New shape with lighter body or thinner
  • Longer battery lifetime, hope iPhone won’t let any unnecessary processes to eat the battery in the background
  • Better compatibility with iCloud, fix the bugs with the duplicate data and security

What are you looking for from the next iPhone? What is your expectation? Leave a comment below to share your ideas 🙂

TtT – Kelly

How to JailBreak iOS 4.3.3

Posted: 7 July, 2011 by Kelly Chan in Kelly, mobile
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Now JailBreak can be done on your devices really easily. I would like to walkthrough you the process and source that I add in Cydia.

  1. Go to on your device
  2. Install Cydia
  3. Done!!!

What to do with Cydia?

  1. Add sources:
  2. Add Packages:
    • 3G Unrestrictor
    • Appsync
    • Categories
    • Install0us
    • SBsettings
    • Winterboard
JailBreaking is very easy, however maintaining your device in a good shape might be hard when it is too late for you to realize you have put too many things in it. Please share with us if you have any useful sources or packages.
TtT – Kelly

If you have an iPhone or iPad, I would like to know the App that you frequently use in daily basis. Please vote on the below poll.

TtT – Kelly

Developer: Ronen Drihem
Price: $2.99
Version Reviewed: 1.0
Device Reviewed On: iPhone 3Gs
Require OS: iOS 3.0 or better
Require Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Did you have the encounter of a word that you would like to look up, you have to copy that word, quit the app, then go to another app to check the meaning of that word? Want to look up words instantly while browsing the web?

Tap-Dictionary is like an add-on to your default Safari browser on your Apple devices. Simply tap words while browsing and this App will work the rest for you. Follow the below steps to enable this App.

Click to download from iTunes 


After you downloaded the App, it directs you to this page and you have to “Click here” to enable this App on your Safari browser














Just after one click, you are done with the integration on your App












To enable this function on your browser
Click “Plus” sign to add bookmark
Tap-Dictionary should be automatically set there once you clicked.
If you made mistake during these procedures you can go back to the previous steps and try again












In the bookmark link area, please click cross to delete the default address (make it empty)

Then long hold and click “Paste”, then click “Done”
(It should become a Javascript, don’t worry)









Here comes to the main part, how to use it?

When you are browsing and would like  to look up dictionary, simply go to your bookmark and find the “Tap-dictionary” bookmark that you have already integrated. One click, then this App is activated on your Safari browser already.











6.jpg I have tried and this App has really quick response.
It shows as a yellow note type. Users have to click on words they would like to look up and dictionary will automatically pop-up. If you like this App, you may click the link in the description to download from official iTunes.













TtT – Kelly

Developer: Capcom
Price: $4.99
Version Reviewed: 1.0
Device Reviewed On: iPhone 3Gs
Require OS: iOS 4.1 or better
Require Device: iPhone 3Gs or more, performance on iPad or iPad 2 are not guranteed

Monster hunter dynamic hunting is one of several iPhone titles by the busy Capcom corp, and a very playable title to boot. RPG’s are now becoming the standard platform on the iPhone, with independent standouts like Aralon HD and any squaresoft title proving that the iPhone is more than a casual gaming platform. MHDH has the necessary tweaks to make a very action orientated RPG very accessible to casual and serious gamers.

The controls are simple enough to where you’ll learn them in a matter of minutes, thanks to an in-game tutorial at the beginning. The battleground is restricted in space, but glorious enough on the iPhone screen that it feels like you’re in an epic battle each time you square off. It is game center compatible, and also co-op compatible through Bluetooth after finishing the first training mission.

Throughout the quest the player will receive several upgrades and ‘titles’ to display to other gamers. You can craft, but don’t expect anything fancy. The overall game is really simple but fun enough that it works and holds hours of interest (read: pretty much all well done iPhone titles)

There will be a sequel, I’m sure, and I would expect sometime down the line they will implement a massive online player system? Please? We’ll see

Click to download from iTunes

-by William

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Pages App for iPhone

Posted: 10 June, 2011 by Kelly Chan in mac, mobile, Technology
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I have just downloaded Pages which costs USD$9.9. I would say it is useful if you are patient enough to work in this small screen and toggling objects all around with fingers.

There are many varieties and default objects you can choose from menu. However graphic is not very smooth and objects are very hard to control. Is it worth paying $9.9 for this App, Keynote or Numbers on iPhone? I would only do a thumb up for iPad.


Everyone likes to show off, and even if you don’t admit it your personality is often shown through your accessories. There is a reason there are so many mobile phones to choose from, each with more varying exterior features than interior.

At some point it also became a brand name war, and there is nothing wrong with saying that Apple, Sony, and maybe even  Nokia (holy &*(^ at their numbers!!) are kicking the collective butts of other makers.

As much as people rant and rave about them, the Iphones are everyone’s guilty pleasure. Are you a business user? Pick up your clichéd Blackberry and you’re good to go. How about a new mobile user looking to break into the fold? Look no further than the text monster from LG, the Xenon.

But among these little toys, there lies a phone that is on an entire different level than the rest. Where the peons thrive, the wealthy turn their nose up and have their own way to express themselves. Because, for the wealthy, there is the luxury mobile maker  Vertu.

The Ferrari of mobile phones, Vertu is a British based mobile phone maker that specializes in only the highest quality of materials. Seriously, these phones have gold, rubies, sometimes even diamonds!! And to even further separate them from the lower class of phones, they have their own “Concierge key”

This key, when pressed, gives the user 24 hour service to help him with his needs. Think of it as Onstar in America-only this time useful -_-‘’

If you do some price searching, you can find some old versions for as little as 3 grand usd. If you want to splurge, then feel free to purchase the 310 grand versions.

Oh, to be wealthy!

TtT – William

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