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Google+ Overview

Posted: 19 July, 2011 by Kelly Chan in Fun Sites, Kelly
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I have been using Google+ for the past week. I found it really better than Facebook in long-term. I love the privacy of Google+ over Facebook. Auto-update feed is running pretty smooth. What is not impressive are the picture viewing pop ups and the hangout smoothness.  Spark is pretty neat you can follow-up your favourite topics very easily.

In my point of view, Google+  enhanced Google of the concept that it is only for searching. Instead of having Google as homepage, you can have Google+ to update yourself in the first place, else you can check your sparks for your favourite topics.

All Google features are compatible with Google+ you can easily view/send your emails, you can chat with your friends with video or voice which was added to Google long time back. Google+ can pretty much give you all the experience you would like to have with your browsing, it is not only a social networking site, but it is a media for everything you need.

If you would like to try out Google+, please leave your Gmail address here or send to . I still have a number of invitation for new comers. I am more than happy to invite you for this awesomeness. Thank you.

TtT – Kelly

I bet most of you have already read the news about the corporation between Facebook and Skype. You can call your online facebook friends with your web browser just like Skype! Though the video and sound quality is not as good as I expected, I am looking forward to seeing more improvements. I believe facebook and Google+ are trying hard to catch everyone’s heart. It would be very interesting for users like us who loves the social network.

If you want to start experiencing this new feature you can go to

Please leave your comments about this new facebook Skype video calling feature, or any thoughts about all other social network. If you have any questions, feel free to send email to me @

TtT – Kelly


Posted: 1 July, 2011 by Kelly Chan in Entertainments, Fun Sites
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Google+ is another social network created by Google after Buzz. Hopefully not another fail attempt.

I have just signed up and people please don’t get panicked because it takes a few hours for Google to full activate your account, it says “We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.” At the mean time of waiting, I have watched a few reviews over the net, one thing I like it very much and I would definitely prefer Google+ over facebook is that, it has circles. What is circles? Circles is like groups from facebook. You can categorize your friends in different circles like families, friends, colleagues etc. You can choose to update status in a particular circle or in public. From my understanding, Google+ will have better privacy and security for users.

Another feature is called “Hangout”, it’s looks like a Skype group video chat for me however now you can do it on your browser. I would love to try out the stability and more compatibility with other social network like YouTube. So far, I found that Google+ has better functionality based on information and usefulness. It could be more like business-wise or else more delicate rather than very casual facebook, though it depends on how the developers are going to implement it.

More information and screenshot will be coming up soon once I get the actual access to this new service.

Trial has just been released, you can sign up in here

Start liking!

Posted: 28 October, 2009 by Kelly Chan in Fun Sites, Kelly

Haven’t been posted for a long time.
I was super busy.

Recently I found a site called “Likaholix”

From now on, we should start liking and stop hating
Sometimes ppl are just hating too much, me included.

So sign in here with your Facebook account and start liking now!!

Are you happy?

Posted: 26 April, 2009 by Kelly Chan in Fun Sites, Kelly

I do not have any answers for this question. You are the one who choose to be happy or unhappy, and hating is all bad.

Do you want to make yourself happier everyday? Do you read news?

Forget about the econ crisis! Forget about those people who died (I mean no disrespect)! Forget about the accidents!

Let’s start reading some happy news instead of those pathetic ones.

I hope you can smile everyday. Cheers.

TtT – Kelly

TtT proudly present our partnership The Metaphorical Beatdown hosted by Matt

Currently the site is moved from Here to NING which is

NING is a site that under a huge social network. All you have to do is to sign up an account then you can use it to access to  GEEKS, NING and many other networks for you to have fun.

Social network is very functional, it has forums, blogs, live stream, album, galleries…etc
Just try it, you will have fun for sure!

I am going to extract posts from TtT and Xanga to the MB in a regular basis.
Basically we help out each other. The MB is based on movie review, Matt is a professional writer from Canada, you can view his master piece on his blog

The MB also has a partnership of photographic –

TtT – Kelly

Recently, my favourite free has been closed.

If you have ever been to, you will know I am not that geeky as I am.
It is not a very good site but I added that as my favourite.

Anyway, search “watch movie online” on google, you will get almsot 50,000,000 results.

First of all, you need a good source. I like It’s simple but delicate.

Type in and search, tictac! Or, you can search over pages, they have many different categories like TV show, movies, cartoons, anime, sport.

More Importantly!!!!!!

Online player is very important for online audiences. Some sites  link the destination to Chinese sites. e.g. Tudou, Youku.
They are unstable and sometimes slow. And remember, normally when are you watching “online”, you can’t close your browser, which is not good for low RAM computer users.

So, I highly highly recommend you to use DivX. This player is the best of what I have seen. It has

  • Fast loading and good quality (It sometimes depends on the uploader though)
  • Dimming (Dim your background on browser if you are watching online, so you can focus on your movie, on the other hand you can take a glance at something else)
  • After you install DivX player, it will create a DivX Movies file on your desktop. What does that mean? You do not actually have to CLICK download to download. For example, if you accidentally closed your browser, or your computer just suddenly shut down. Don’t panic, simply open the DivX Movies file, you will happily see the movie file is lying there.

Again, if you are using a oldie computer, browser would be important for you. A bad browser like , no offense, shuts down often. is always fine. Additionally, Google Chrome is not a bad choice for web surfing users. It’s not as functional as FF, but at least it’s simple, small, low RAM consuming.

Of course, there are much more factors that affects the performance of the site or your computer. Basically what you need for watching movies or any other kind of videos online. You only need 3 things : Good Source, Good Online Player and a Good Browser.

TtT – Kelly