The Best Pies in Inner West Sydney – The Pie Tin

Meat Pie is one of the underrated Aussie iconic food items so we are eager to find out the best pies in town. A few weeks ago I got recommended The Pie Tin in Newtown (a.k.a. the hipsters area)

The pie shop is considerably spacious with a delicious selection of sweet and savoury pies. Indecisive people may be in trouble because there are way too many options. It’s not just about pies though, there is a real good selection of beer for you to go with your pie and you know we love our friends, Wayward! 

The place also makes their own condiments including their tomato sauce, different BBQ sauce, and relish. Sauce ’em up baby because you can taste every single natural ingredients in them, which is completely different from any store-bought ones. The Pie Tin is the only place you can get them so I am afraid you will have to come here yourself to try it out! 

There are lots of different savoury and sweet pies with some seasonal items as well. You may even load your pie with a scoop of pea mash and gravy, or side it with some healthy salad for an affordable price. Savoury Pies 💲($6.50-8.50) Sweet Pies💲 ($6-7), while sweet pies 💲 ($39-54). 

Savoury Pies

Crispy Pork Pie

Who would have thought of having crispy pork in a pie? The new creation does remind me of the Chinese takeout meat and it is working beautifully with all trimmings like Brussels sprouts and carrots in the pie. It’s definitely a twist to our traditional concept of pie but I will definitely get them again because they are freaking delicious.

We basically loaded our pies with their sauce which is a nice touch-up to these buttery meaty pies. Among a good selection of healthy salad at the counter, we have picked the healthy beetroot quinoa with feta cheese salad to be on the side and it’s just healthy and delicious at the same time.

Minced Beef Pie

You can’t go wrong with a good old classic minced beef pie. 👍Their hot meat pies are perfectly flaky from the pastry on the outside, while the 🐮meat fillings is flavourful and tender, with no funky fatty or chewy chunks to it. It’s also perfect moist on the inside yet not too watery, while the outer pastry crust remained crunchy on the edges. You can’t find a single soggy bits at all. We are confident that it’s one of the best beef pies we have ever had in Sydney. 

Sweet Pies 

There are lots of sweet options to cure your craving too! Options includes heavy peanut butter or chocolate filled pies, lighter fruity slices, traditional American apple pies and a lot more, while new creations can often be found from this creative but scrumptious little pie stop. 

Lemon Brulee Pie

Among the wide range of selections, we went for one that we wouldn’t normally order but we were impressed, for sure. We often find lemon tart or any sour pies crazily over-sweetened but this Lemon Brulee Pie is definitely a game changer. It’s more custard-y than a sour lemon pie. Though there is a layer of sugar crust on top, this little piece strike a balance in its taste. The velvety smooth filling created a contrast with the sugar top and the crunchy pie crust which is more like a cookie shell with just a right firmed but moist bottom. 

*highly recommended to consume ASAP at the shop*

[SNEAK PEAK] The Pie Tin is going to open another branch in the city, so keep an eye for that!

Address: 1a Brown St, Newtown NSW 2042
Phone: (02) 9519 7880
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