Dine-in vs Food Truck "Poke Bowl"

We have recently had 2 different Poke Bowls 2 days in a row so I thought it may be a good time to do a random showdown. One of them was a sit down dine-in experience while another one was a stand up food truck experience

Dine-in : Saké Jr.

There are a few branches Nationwide while 2 of them are located at the heart of Sydney CBD (Westfield & Grosvenor Place). The restaurant features a tailored made Poke Bowl for customers to choose their desire base, protein, and pretty much bottom less toppings. 

I have pretty much loaded my bowl with tons of tuna and salmon cubes and all toppings, dressed lightly with some ponzu sauce! I also liked that I can actually pick the base between white rice, brown rice, or just leafy greens. The toppings include wasabi peas, kimchi, saffron, spring onions, pickled ginger, seaweed, sesame seeds, edamame, brussel sprouts, pumpkings, corns, zucchinis, and fried shallots! 

If you are more fussed like me, you can just go to the fridge for their grab-and-go ready-made Poke Bowls or sushi burritos! Besides, the restaurant also offers other options like hot ramen, burgers, delicious yuzu cheesecakes, and even Japanese Sapporo beer! They are currently doing a Sapporo meal deal as well as a $5 Happy Hour promotion! How can I say no to that? 

Price: $15 for 1 protein , $19 for 2 protein
Verdict: Cooked meat options available with a wide range of toppings to load up your bowl 

Food Truck : Poké Bros

We have spotted this up and coming Poke food truck at the Paddy’s food market last weekend and we are so hooked with their bowls already! Similar to any other Poke shop, they feature marinated salmon and tuna, while some cooked meat options are also available. The toppings are pretty Japanese influenced with mainly seaweed, cucumber, pickles, sesames, nori, and dressed with Sriracha mayo. 
Surprisingly, the quality of those salmon and tuna fish cubes are really high quality. They are so fresh that a sticky texture has been promoted and the marination is just sweet and savoury to the right point. 
This brand new healthy rice bowl eatery is going to open a physical restaurant in Cabramatta soon so watch out for that! We certainly can’t wait any longer!

Price: $12 for small, $15 for large
Verdict: Freshest fish in a Poke bowl we have ever had. Shut up and take my money now!

Website: http://pokebros.com.au/

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