FLOUR DRUM’s 2nd Anniversary Feast

Having heard of the big name “FLOUR DRUM” for a very long time, we expect lots of surprises from this homey restaurant cafe because it is apparently one of the best in the neighborhood and it is definitely not the norm. The 3 business partners, Victor, Chris, and John, often create fusion dishes by mixing Asian and Western elements and culinary methods. 

The eatery is located in Newtown, which is the latest hipster district in the Inner West Sydney. There are some outdoor areas for you to enjoy the beautiful Sydney weather, or you can choose to sit indoor which is actually a cozy long dining area, perfect for big groups or hipster loners, no offence lol. 

The restaurant takes things seriously and pays attention to the finest details. They only use the finest produce and always strive for perfection. Therefore, visiting Asia is always on their calendar so as to explore different cuisine and dining experience in another country. Victor himself is from Hong Kong, which is absolutely home coming to me. It’s not only a comforting feeling knowing that someone is also from your hometown, but also a affirmation in quality. 

Complimented with some bubbles and an epic display of sweet treat next to the window, our food journey unfolded with the dishes on their special menu, followed by an insane amount of desserts (using Flour Drum, dah….)

Housemade dumpling with BBQ duck, water chestnuts, garlic chives and dried wild forest mushroom, fresh egg noodles in a duck and porcini mushroom broth AUD 22

A Hong Kong inspired dish but instead of wonton noodle, they are duck wontons using tender shredded duck meat stuffed in a sightly chewier wonton skin after they get the inspiration from the Hong Kong wonton and Italian ravioli. There are also smooth round egg noodles, as well as a delicate duck and porcini mushroom clear broth. We have learned from the Japanese tradition that it is totally fine to clear the bowl including the soup to show extra respect to the chef. Wonton noodles is a legit comfort food as a Hongkonger, you will want to come here if you grow up eating it!

Malaysian beef Rendang, a coconut and spice based curry served with a cardamom and green peppercorn-infused jasmine rice and garlic pappadam AUD 21.5

With the heavy influence from Asian cuisine, Flour Drum can’t have their menu without rice. Beef Rendang is one of the most popular dish in Malaysian cuisine. Flour Drum nailed the recipe so that the beef became very succulent and absorbed all the flavours from the mixed herbs and spices. The curry is not too spicy nor creamy, just right to kick things up a notch. So scrape ’em all with the crispy papadum and mix them all up with the the hearty jasmine rice!

Salad of purple and white roasted cauliflower, fried chick peas, roast onion and Japanese pumpkin, black mushrooms, pepitas, watercress and pomegranate with a sherry and miso dressing AUD 15 + Pork belly AUD 7

The next one is a plateful of winter salad and we particularly liked the pretty purple cauliflower and the fried chick peas is the game changer because they are so smokey and tasteful. On top of a bed of healthy veggies, you can up the game with some protein. The pork belly that we have chosen reminded me of the crispy roast pork in Hong Kong but not as fatty yet the skin can be crispier. 

After just a few savoury mains, let’s dive right into our sweet treats. There are countless of ready-made pastry, cakes, and cookies hanging around the place but there are also lots of creative made-to-order desserts too!

Bread and butter pudding French toast with, creamed mascarpone, vanilla bean creme anglaise, Persian fairy floss and pistachio dust AUD 14.5

Everyone is obsessed with fairy floss nowadays but Flour Drum’s one is not only for the look but for the taste too. The moist buttery pudding is so soft that it just melts in your mouth, while the mascarpone and fairy floss also melt almost immediately! On top of that, the custard adds a nice touch of sweetness and creaminess to this indulging dessert. Everything is just so dangerously smooth and velvety, you may want to down one of these by yourself! 

Porridge, toasted organic steel cut oats, red wine and Brandy poached pear and a dried Persian fig 

Some people may think that oats is boring but may I boldly say that it may be one of my favourite sweet dishes on that day. Steel cut oats is the best kind of healthy oat in the world because it’s purely unprocessed. Its texture is also slightly chewier than normal quick oats and it even promotes a funky bite it. This combination of warm oat is no stranger to us but they have once again perfected it with just the right sweetness, tartness and beautiful consistency. I wish I am that lucky to have someone to prepare this for me as breakkie every single morning!

Vegan sticky date pudding

You can’t go to a hipsters restaurant without some hipster vegan items. I guarantee you that you wouldn’t even notice that it is a vegan dish because it’s yet another buttery creamy dessert that everyone wanna put their spoon in. The pudding blended nicely with the heavenly sweet butterscotch sauce. The fresh figs on top balanced out the sweetness a little bit which I enjoyed. 

Moving on to another highlight of Flour Drum, Lamington! Lamington is such an Aussie dessert that is almost impossible to find a decent housemade one in Hong Kong. When in Australia… I would take the most advantage by inhaling as many lamington as I can! 

Funny enough, I didn’t realise that they are lamington because they are so different from what I know lamington is, yellow sponge cake, covered with a sweet coating of chocolate and lots of coconut flakes. I was then told that laminton is chocolate sponge cake with coconut flakes involved! Okie dokie, no biggies, let’s dig in! 

Matcha sesame lamington

I first try the lighter lamington which is a 10-layer cake with just a smear of sesame paste, matcha cream and deliciously moist sponge cake. It’s a East meets West mash-up and it works beautifully. I particularly like the mix of bittersweet from the matcha and the nutty taste from the sesame. Yeshhhh I can engulf this at anytime! 

Black forrest lamington

The black forrest lamington is relatively sweeter and denser because “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BASE”, no trouble. The bottom layer is almost a brownie base, constructed with layers of chocolate sponge cake, berries cream, whipped cream on the side and a lot more. It’s an insanely good piece of cake, a must order on the menu! 

Honeycomb Chai cake

Lastly, a new creation from the themoonlightbaker. The relatively firmer cake is full of aromatic chai tea flavour. The unique tea taste paired perfectly with the healthy real honeycomb on top. The cream frosting is also pretty thick and dense so I would suggest you to share this cake. Sharing is caring ❤

After such a long S article, I believe you understand why I said Flour Drum is full of surprises. They also change their menu from time to time so customers will never get bored. Affordable price tags, quality passionate food, attitude of life. We will be back soon!

Address: 531 King St, Newtown NSW 2042
Phone: (02) 9565 2822

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