Newly Opened in Parramatta – The Ginger Tiger

The Ginger Tiger
100 George St, Parramatta NSW 2150 (entry via Smith St)
The newly opened restaurant The Ginger Tiger is hidden in The Collector Hotel. As soon as you walk in, you will be lured in to the amazing artistic design of its spacious dining area. Every corner is filled with different paintings and culture elements. 

The restaurant features South East Asian cuisine therefore you may see an array of Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, and more signature dishes that we are familiar with. We have tried a few of them to give you guys a brief review. 

Curry Puff AUD 11.9

They are not just another piece of boring curry puffs, but they are “personalised” with a sheet of puff pastry wrapping around it. They are not too spicy and super flaky. Dunk them into the sweet chilli sauce for better enjoyment! 

Nam Khao AUD 13.9

Nam Khao, also known as Lao crispy rice salad, is our most anticipated dish on the menu because it is authentic and it’s not a common dish to be found on the menu. This dish is pretty hard to make because the rice has to be mixed with spiced and shaped in balls before they get deep fried, then broken down into pieces before they are fried with “Sour Pork”, dried chilli and lots of different herbs. You are also supposed to wrap that with some kind of green for extra crunch and freshness. 

Red Curry with Chicken AUD 16.9
Curry is probably the staple dish of Thai south east Asian cuisine, while Thai curry is usually on the sweet side. The red curry here is slightly sweeter than expected but the coconut taste and spiciness are on point! 

The restaurant is invented some desserts and drinks items, while more authentic dishes are also expected to be seen on the menu! So stay tuned for that! 

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