Hunting For The Best Bowl of Pho in Marrickville – Bay Tinh

Bay Tinh
Address: 316-318 Victoria Road, Marrickville NSW 2204
Phone: (02) 9560 8673

We are still in search for the best bowl / the most authentic bowl of Pho in Sydney. Apart from Cabramatta, we found that Marrickville is another Viet town full of Viet food.

Banh Xeo AUD 14.5

One of our favourite entrées in Vietnamese cuisine and it is definitely not easy to handle it well. The crispy yellow egg shell has mung bean pasted smeared on it yet the shell is still very crispy on the edges and outside, while a bit chewy and soft on the inside. 

The bean sprout, pork, and herbs sandwiching between give a nice compliment to the sweet and savoury shell. This traditional Vietnamese dish is also very fun for sharing because you are meant to break them and use lettuce to wrap around it for extra freshness and crunch. 

Pho Bo (Small AUD 10, Large AUD 12)

Pho is definitely my all-time favourite in terms of any noodles dish, yet it is not easy to find a good authentic bowl in Sydney. The Pho Bo I get here is a bit on the sweet side but the good thing is that there is no MSG added to it. The beef stock takes long hours to prepare and it’s in good clear colour, while the beef slices are tender just barely cooked , just how I like it. 

In Marrickville, there are probably a lot of hidden gems and I guess I can’t tell which one is the best just yet. Comment down below if you have any recommendations. 

Rice Paper Roll
Rice paper rolls, a.k.a. RPR, are not just about prawns, but you can literally stuff anything inside.  We tried this delicious marinated beef rolls with herbs and we are in love with it. The powerful beefy taste balanced nicely with that pungent herb flavour, as well as the nutty and slightly spicy secret sauce on top. The rice paper is also freshly made with just the right texture between soft and chewy. It’s probably one of the best RPR I have ever tasted! 

Mixed Grill 

For meat lovers out there, Vietnamese grilled meat can never be underestimated because of its intense flavour from the unique smokey mix marinara. We were served with a bowl of protein including sliced minced pork, chicken with lemongrass, beef with betel leaves. All you have to do is to enjoy them with the rice noodles and the fish sauce altogether! 

Chè Chuối 

Fun fact: All Vietnamese desserts are called “Chè“. Chè Chuối is a very simple sweet dish but it’s just heavenly. It’s a very traditional tapioca pudding with coconut cream, cooked banana and crushed peanuts on top. Without a doubt, this is a comb combination and it’s pretty hard to screw up. 

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