The Biggest Burger in Sydney

As a big fan of Epic Meal Time and Mukbang show, I found it intimidating to see lots of food challenges in restaurants in Sydney serving a ridiculous portion size. At Bare Grill on Bourke, we found the biggest burger in Sydney

This “Death by Burger Challenge” (AUD 45) comes with a ‘tower’ of 10 beef patties, 10 slices of cheddar cheese, and 10 strips of crispy bacon, complimented with secret Bare sauce and a shxt load of fries. It’s not just about the look, this burger tastes absolutely delicious because the patties are full of flavour and juicy, while the bacon strips are perfectly crispy on the edges. Everything just works well together between two pieces of buttery brioche buns. 


The restaurant is famous for its burger and has already been on the chart from different sources so we are quite confident that you are not going to be disappointed by their burgers. Apart from their humongous burger, they are also very famous for their Raclette cheese burger, a.k.a. melted cheese burger. Who can say no to that irresistible dripping stretchy cheese on your burger, no matter if it’s beef, chicken, fish, or just veggies? 

We agreed that it is such a brilliant idea to put melted cheese on the burger, served right at your table, with pepper freshly grounded on top. Yesssss, come to mama. 

It’s not just about burger, but a wide range of sides, entrees, salads, and healthy desserts. They can pretty much satisfy all types of customers and the dishes are good for sharing, because sharing is caring! 

Epic Fries AUD 15

Just a bowl of everything you wanted, golden crispy waffle fries loaded with all sorts of toppings including pulled pork, cheese, spiced aioli, Carolina sticky BBQ sauce, and last but not least, bacon!

Hamburger Spring Rolls

Again, if you love hamburger, what’s not to love with putting it in spring rolls? They are just as delicious, and more finger licking. 

Fried Mac & Cheese

Everyone’s all time favourite goes to the naughty Mac & Cheese, though more seasonings may be needed for these deep fried goodness, it’s all good though because we are already having a pretty sodium rich meal from other dishes. 

Buffalo Wings AUD 10

Either spicy or crispy BBQ buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce. They look pretty orange in colour but taste on point. Just spicy enough from the sauce on the outside, and still slightly crispy on the inside from the chicken skin and batter. 

Lamb Greek Salad

At last, don’t skip the veggies it is just as good as it looks. Fresh greens, succulent lamb cubes that are not too gamy, plus a bit of nuttiness from the pine nuts and an interesting combo from the watermelon on top to cut through that meaty taste. 

Address: 15/425 Bourke St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone: (02) 8964 4214

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