5 Best Breweries in Inner Sydney

Beer culture in Australia plays a big role in the drinking culture. It’s not just about Victoria Bitter but a really wide variety of local brewed beer by some of the most amazing breweries all over the country. 

There are almost new breweries opening every month but we have a few good picks in the Inner Sydney. These popular breweries supplies exciting special brews to different bars and restaurants nationwide, ranging from sour ale to milk lactose stout. Affordable taps and breweries tours are also available for you to know more about the cold ones. 

1. Young Henrys

Address: D & E/76 Wilford St, Newtown NSW 2042

Phone: (02) 9519 0048

Spacious breweries with a great vibe. It’s believed that Young Henrys is one of the breweries having high volume of sale. Find out your favourite from their paddle of 6 for $15, and 4 for $10. We highly recommend you to try their delicious cloudy apple cider using all natural ingredients with no added sugar in it. 

2. Wayward Brewing Co.

Address: 1 Gehrig Ln, Camperdown NSW 2050

Phone: (02) 7903 2445

Wayward is another really busy bar with live bands performances on Sunday. They brew a wide range of quirky sour ale using different fruits and other interesting ingredients, while exclusive brews can also be found at this Wayward cellar bar. A paddle of 6 glasses for $15 as well! 

3. Akasha Brewing Company

Address: 10A Spencer St, Five Dock NSW 2046

Phone: (02) 9715 7156

A down to earth brewery with hand craft beers that are very easy to drink. From a refreshing lager to heart warming brown ales, you can easily find your familiar beer taste here in a piece corner of Five Dock. Different food truck can also be found in front of the breweries for you to grab a bite to go down with your drinks. We were lucky enough to meet “Pie Run” which sells really hearty delicious meat pies from the food truck. 

4. Rocks Brewing Co.

Address: Building 2, 160 Bourke Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015

Phone: (02) 9669 3600

The Rocks Brewing Co. is probably the one and only full on Brewery + Restaurant in the same area located in Alexandria. The brewery embraces a very traditional Australian history with some of the ancestors being real British convicts, therefore, one of their most popular beer is named “Convict Lager” and they even have a whole “Conviction” series of beers in cans and bottles. 


The restaurant has a decent menu offering sharing plates, healthy salads, burgers, and some mains from the smoker! Rather than having the usual deep fried bar food, we opted for their smoked salmon and approved that it is a good healthy choice of meal when having a night out. We would definitely come back for other smoked meat and burgers! 

5. Batch Brewing Company

Address: 44 Sydenham Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204

Phone: (02) 9550 5432

Lastly, we stopped by our last checkpoint during our first part of beer brewery tour. This place opens up early for you early drinkers out there! Among their exciting range of house brewed beers, we have heard some good words about their milk stout and it is truly not to be missed because it is creamy, smooth, humble but freaking tasty. It’s our first time trying stout with lactose and we are in love with it. Sorry for those who have lactose intolerance but you can always come prepared! 

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