The Infamous BELLY BAO is Moving Soon!!!!!!!

Surprisingly there is a overwhelming “BAO” scene in Sydney. I have heard of the name @BellyBao even before I came to Sydney. The Bao restaurant is currently located in the city but is soon moving to NEWTOWN so stay tuned for that! 

In terms of their bao, they are definitely different from the @littlebaohk in Hong Kong, mainly because it’s a lot simpler and less sloppy. Defined ingredients + minimal sauce + sleeping in a fluffy housemade white steamed Gua Bao. 

Belly Bao has a mixed legacy between Taiwanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese, while some of the dishes embrace a bit of Western influence that we all love. Their small menu has pretty much just Bao, fried chicks, fries, salads, and some desserts, so let’s get right into it! 

Chopped Cheese Baoger (Wednesday Only!)

All of their white steamed buns are freshly made daily while daily special “Baoger” is also available throughout their opening days (Wednesday – Saturday). Basically they use the same bun as their Gua Bao, toasted, to construct their delicious creations. 

The seeded and toasted baoger has a stronger flavour when compared to the pork Gua Bao that I am going to have next. I like how intense the beef flavour actually is and I must say they have a good pick of pickles which complimented nicely with the pattie and other condiments. The pattie looks a bit loose and irregular but it really tastes better than it looks, trust me. 

Cracking Roast Pork Belly

Back to Belly Bao’s normal regime, they have 6 different Gua Bao on their regular menu and we have tried the signature one which is a never-fail combination between fatty AF succulent pork belly, crunch AF crackling, pickled radish and cilantro, sleeping in a pillow-like fluffy steamed bun. 

We were told that the pig skin has been separated from the meat before it gets prepared that’s why it is crunchier than any other cracklings that we had before. 

Belly Bao fried Chicken 

Classic food in a night-out. Fried chicks brined for 24 hours then battered and fried to order in our special BBC asian spice mix. Available in wings / drumsticks in Original or add sticky or spicy sauce

Sweet Potato Fries

Some delicious sweet potato fries never hurts. These perfectly golden crunchy delicious goodness is a healthier alternative to regular fries. 

Gaytime (Secret Menu) 

Golden deep fried bao buns filled with a whole block of Gaytime ice cream, banana, drizzled with salted caramel sauce. A literal East meets West indulging dessert to reward yourself. It’s crunchy and warm on the outside, nutty and cold on the inside. It also strikes a great balance between that unique Gaytime sweetness and the saltiness from the sauce. Spot on! 

Address: 53/55 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW 2000 (Belly Bao is soon moving to Newtown but for now they are still located in the city, inside Hudson Ballroom)

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