Rozelle Espresso – Everything You Ask For

There are countless hidden gems in Rozelle and Balmain area. It is probably going to take us a long time to cover some of the very good ones in town. We stopped by Rozelle Espresso which is located at a street corner and lots of free parkings nearby. 

Outdoor seating is also available for you to enjoy some sunshine or to spend some quality time with your pets. I personally loved the comfortable casual seating inside and I can see myself coming back again with a bigger group of friends! 

The cafe has a lot of decent pastry and desserts to go with your amazing coffee using Campos coffee bean, and their chocolate has just the right sweetness which makes it very delicious too! 

Portuguese Tart

Who says we can’t start with something sweet? I was super anticipated to try this because I used to eat this all the time in Macau, an ex-Portugal colony. Compared to the ones in Macau, it is not as custard-y and it is rather on the sweet side. Other than that, the filling is in a clearer cream colour and the crust remained perfectly flaky. I am now very curious about other pastries on the shelf! 

Spice roasted quinoa salad AUD 19.9 + smoked salmon AUD 4.5

I wanted to go healthy so I ordered a quinoa salad that actually comes with a halved avo. I have also added extra smoked salmon which I think was the smartest decision ever. First of all the salad itself is amazing. It’s healthy light and just dressed with some olive oil. The avo on top is shiny and fresh, nicely ripe, really yummy!  

Second of all, for just $4.5 I got at least 10 slices of smoked salmon which is more than I expected. It’s healthy, fatty, fresh, and just healthy scrumptious in a plateful! 


A chill comfortable cafe in Rozelle. There are some really photogenic dishes in here but I just opt for the basic which should be equally delicious but I guess I will need to come back again to try the rest! 
Address: 654 Darling St, Rozelle NSW 2039

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