Gumtree Restaurant in Metro Aspire Hotel

Just so as you know that Metro Aspire Hotel has just been fully renovated and their Gumtree Restaurant is also brand new with a menu full of scrumptious options from starters to desserts. 

We already know that they serve good breakfast at an affordable price. NO BRAINER, we are here again because we wanted to try their proper dinner menu. So let’s see how it goes! 

House marinated Australian olives AUD 7.50

While we were waiting for our dishes to come, why not some delicious wine and delicious warm olives? They are house marinated and pretty amazing. You are going to love it if you are a olives fan. 

Soup of the day with homemade damper AUD 8.50

Today, they have cream of pumpkin soup so we can’t say no to that. When the soup was brought to us, we were amused with how hot the soup was.  Some olive oil is drizzled on top which makes the soup a lot smoother. 

The soup itself is beautifully velvety smooth, not too creamy and not too thick, everything is on point and goes really really well with the authentic Australian damper bread, which is crunchy on the outside and still a soft on the inside. The buttery taste from the bread makes the soup even better. 

BBQ Yamba prawns with baby greens, mint & soy dressing AUD 16

We have ordered an entree to share. Surprisingly there are 3 big pieces of prawns for just $16! Even more surprisingly, the prawns are cooked until perfection! It’s just barely cooked through and it has a nice BBQ light smokey taste. I liked how they use a kind of sesame sauce on the side to add a bit of nuttiness to the dish. Absolutely a MUST ORDER. 

Twice cooked Murray Valley pork belly, apple calvados, confit potato & spiced marmalade glaze AUD 25

Moving on to main dishes, their pork belly is highly recommended from the restaurant manager so I guess I should take that advice. Oh my lord that super crunchy skin makes a sharp cut through and the layers of fat and meat is just heavenly. The crunch makes a great contrast to the bottom part. The fat just melted in your mouth and the meat is so tender. 

It’s a fatty dish so the apple calvados and the sweet glaze at the bottom cut through that fattiness a little bit. It’s a perfect big mouthful of foodgasm out here. 

Local Market Fish with roasted cherry tomatoes, tray baked autumn veggies, tomato jelly & finger lime salsa 24

We are seafood lover and we are happy that Gumtree does have a few variety of our favourite seafood. Barramundi is the catch of the day. It’s nicely cooked with no fishy taste. Healthy, light, and simple. 

If you want an affordable hotel meal with great food, excellent service, dimmed light, come to Metro Aspire Hotel with your families or loved ones. If you wish to stay in the hotel, please click the link below. 


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