Sydney’s "Khoa Pla" in Chatswood – Have to go back again!

At first, I doubted this Thai restaurant because Chatswood has a large Chinese community. I am taking back every word I said because Khoa Pla is straight up amazing and I will let you know why. 

The restaurant is right at the heart of the shopping centre which is easy to get to. The place is very cozy with just a few small tables for customers. I particularly liked the painting that embraces a lot of Thai culture. 

The menu has a few items in each selection of starter, main, rice, noodles, and dessert. Portion is pretty decent to be shared and you won’t want to miss out on their desserts. 

Pork Ribs $20

One of their signature dishes and you can probably find most of the customers ordering it. These big sweet and sour pork ribs are twice cooked, and in palm sugar and tamarind sauce. The fried shallots and spring onion on top give a good crunch to the meaty oily bite. 

This is absolutely delicious guys and I would highly recommend you to order it, even if it is a romantic date night, dah… 

Gaeng Keaw Wan $15

Not sure if I am too spoiled with the thick curry that I used to have in Hong Kong, but their curry is a bit too thin to my liking. However, I do enjoyed how they have green coconut milk curry chicken complimented with authentic Thai tiny mini cute eggplant babies that pop in your mouth. 

Black Sticky Rice $10

As I mentioned, you don’t want to skip dessert because they make really good fusion Thai style dessert and we have ordered the most popular one. A little bed of warm black sticky rice with exotic South East Asian ingredients like jasmine tapioca, jack fruits, coconut jelly, topped with a dollop of smooth flavourful Thai milk tea ice cream, sweetened with a little bit of dark sugarcane sauce. 


GO ASAP! So far my favourite kind of Thai food because it has a good mix of traditional an d innovative dishes using all the interesting ingredients that get us all excited. Besides, price is very affordable. It only costed us under AUD 50 and we left with a full tummy. I will definitely go back and order their ribs again. 

Opening hours : 11 AM to 10 PM EVERYDAY

Address: Shop 7, 370 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, Sydney, NSW

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