Ham & Sherry Spanish Eggelicious Brunch

Ham & Sherry is no doubt one of the most popular Spanish restaurants on Ship Street in Wan Chai, The unique blue and white tile design at both the door front as well as interior is something you can never forget after just one visit. 

There is an open bar / kitchen in the middle of the cozy restaurant, while some comfortable leather bar seats and sofa seats are surrounding it. It’s definitely interesting to see the chefs in action which increases our anticipation while waiting for our dishes to arrive.  

We are here for a relaxing weekend brunch and they have a made-to-order menu with an offer to enjoy free-flow Cava and Estrella Galicia. 
The menu is small and straightforward with a few categories including eggs, fish (seafood), para pica (nibbles), meat,and of course desserts. All at reasonable price and decent portion, perfect for sharing with a small group of people. 

Jamón, tetilla toastie, truffle honey $88

Sometimes the simplest food is the most delicious food. Crispy toast, melted cheese, sweet honey. The perfectly balanced sweet and savoury taste is absolutely addictive. 

Crab tortilla, uni $138

A beautifully presented Spanish tortilla is packed with crab meat and potato. The uni sauce only gives a subtle flavour, while the crab seawater taste is actually more profound. I was actually expecting for a more flavourful dish, with paprika giving a touch of smokiness is not quite enough. 

Fried duck egg, morcilla, asparagus $78

Eggs is a good source of protein and we enjoyed this duck egg very much because it is a lot richer than normal hens egg, and the black pudding on top delivers a funky meaty fatty texture to it. A few stalks of grilled asparagus and greens do their job, cutting through that fat. An interesting tasty combination that you would have to try!

Slow cooked egg, mash potato, jamón $88

Coming to the last “egg” dish that we ordered, with no disappointment, both the slow cooked egg and mash have been done flawlessly. The mash is completely smoothened. The light taste from the egg and potato complimented nicely with the crispy jamón crisps on top and the rich kind of meaty sauce at the bottom. One of my favourite dishes on the brunch menu!

Meatball, bravas sauce, manchego $128

Comparatively, their meat ball is my least favourite dish from what we have ordered. Though the traditional Spanish bravas sauce is done nicely, the meatball itself is a bit too firm to my liking.  

Scotch egg, choriso, piquillo pepper $88

Taking this traditional British dish with a Spanish twist. The yolk is once again runny, and the scotch egg itself is delicious too! The crust is crispy, while the minced meat is flavourful and soft. A much needed upgrade from the British “cold scotch egg”, if you know what I am talking about. 

Iberico pork & chorizo, burgers, black garlic, pickles $168

One of my favourite dishes on the brunch menu without a doubt. The brioche bun is buttery and toasted, and all the savoury and slightly sour ingredients are extremely flavourful. The pattie is juicy but the slider won’t fall apart as it is constructed very well. #thumpsup

Créme Catalan $58

I’m in the hunt of a good Créme Catalan but I am slowly forgetting the authentic taste that I had in Barcelona after so many different versions that I have tried in Hong Kong. Though, I must say that Ham & Sherry has nailed the recipe. The créme itself is rich and full of cream egg flavour, while the caramelised sugar crisp is really thick. A kind of dessert that I can never get sick of. 

We were pretty satisfied at this stage so we had to skipped churros but we will be back for that! 

Address: G/F., 1-7 Ship Street, Wan Chai
Tel: 2555 0628

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