Meyer Herbal Infusion Exhibition

Today, we are lucky enough to be invited by Meyer to their “Meyer Herbal Infusion” Blogger Gathering at their flagship showroom in Ngau Tau Kok. 

When we first arrived the showroom, we were surprised by how GREEN the space is.  During the exhibition, 7 different herb stations were set up for guests to experience the most out of more than 40 kinds of herbs in a kitchen supply showroom! Meyer has already invited Eric Cheung, Rowena Law, and columnist 梁家權

Every guests would be welcomed with a cup of refreshing welcoming drink to cool you down during this hot October! How can you ever imagine haunt this good experience in a showroom in Ngau Tau Kok? 

Herb Greenhouse
Herb Lane – Both Herb Greenhouse and Herb Lane displays a wide range of herbs, embracing the whole environment with a layer of herb aroma. 

Herb Kitchen – Columnist 梁家權 unfolded two of his recipes using herbs, including prawn fried egg with basil, and clams in white wine sauce with rosemary

Herb Garden – A beautiful garden decorated with herbs in pretty shapes and attitude

Herb Salt DIY – Eric offers an easy way to marinate your meat dishes especially Hongkongers’ favourite chicken dishes, a mixed of herbs and a bit of sea salt is simply what we need to create some delicious wings! 

Herb Tea DIY – Rowena offers 4 different tea bag combinations to cater to your needs, especially for those who lives a busy life in Hong Kong. We have made our own Marjoram x Lemongrass tea which is good for fighting against flu and for boosting our immune system in this unstable weather

Herb 百子櫃Drawer  – More than 40 different kinds of herbs for you to explore, some cooking tips can also be provided for you! 

Make sure you spend some time to Do It Yourself for your own salt and tea bags and bring them home to share with your family! 

After spending some time in different herb stations, we were then introduced to a Virgin Mojito cocktail class at Herb Kitchen. Were were told the differences between basil and mint, then we may add our desire amount of herbs, grapefruits, lime, and lemon into our jar with a little bit of floral honey at the bottom. 

We were introduced with the different aroma and characteristic of different herbs, and different methods can be used to release the scent from these flavourful fresh herbs. 

After all our ingredients have been filled, it’s time to add some sparkling water to have everything married together, if you wish to have an extra kick, it is recommended that some sea salt would create an interesting contrast when it comes to sweet drinks. I believe it is the same concept to enjoy chocolate with some sea salt! 

Next, we were introduced with one of their new pot that doesn’t need much oil for any cooking method, and the circle mark at the bottom of the pan prevents the food from sticking to the pot. A pasta cooking demonstration was then performed for us showcasing how easy it can be when it comes to cooking! 

Cooking has never been easily while only a minimal amount of oil / butter is needed, while cleaning takes no effect with just a few wipe using clean cloth / kitchen paper. 

After we enjoyed some pasta, we get to make our own pasta from scratch! From mixing the flour and egg, kneading the dough, adding either turmeric or herbs to colour the dough, to cutting the pasta into our desired shape! 

Add a fresh egg into the mixed flour in their mixing bowl with a plastic non-slippery bottom. 

Knead the dough until the perfect elasticity and let it raise for a few minutes before we roll it out. 

Roll out the dough and fold it 3 times to make it more chewy and you may fold more if you fancy chewier pasta. 

You may choose either flat or thin pasta using their pasta machine. 

The pasta is best to enjoy fresh and we were recommended to only boil it for 5 mins in boiling water for the perfect al dente pasta texture. 

Meyer Herbal Infusion Exhibition
Exhibition Period: 19th Sept – 30th Nov 
Opening Hour: 10am – 8pm
Telephone: +852 2763 9313 


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