LocalUsher – Homestay with Chef

Having lived in the city for most of the life, it would be a great experience to live in the jungle and stay away from all the electronic radiations. For only RM80 per room via LocalUsher, you may live in a comfortable kampong main house built by recycling material in bamboo clad walls. Meanwhile, chef TJ may prepare you breakfast, lunch, and breakfast to keep you energised throughout the day! 

When we first arrived there, we found it super cool to see a very structured big house in country side. There was also a cool rooftop deck for you to enjoy the sunset and the amazing skyline overlooking Karak, Pahang. If you a dog person, there are 7 very friendly dogs to protect you around the house! 

After some adventures in the waterfall nearby, it finally came to our dinner time to enjoy our gourmet BBQ meal for RM80 per head. A wide range of meat dishes were marinated in different international sauces in fusion style, which were then grilled on wood stove course-by-course. We particularly enjoyed the chat with the chef as you may learn a lot of life lessons especially from his past experience working in different countries as a chef and surprisingly he had been working in Hong Kong for a long time in LKF and mid-level!

Wth a full stomach, we were a little worried about the heat at night but we actually found the rooms quite cool at nighttime because of its good ventilations. You also do not need to worry too much about the mosquito because every room is equipped with one double bed, fan, and nettings to avoid the buds. 

After a long night sleep with the humming sound from birds and the natural sounds from the trees and leaves, we were all ready for a nice breakfast before we hit the road again! For just RM18 per head, you may enjoy a full on American breakfast with beautiful creamy scrambled egg, sausages, sweet corns, new potatoes, and a halved tomato. 

A short trekking was then followed by to get the most in before we left this beautiful place. It’s saddening that we had to say goodbye to our lovely chef and his beautiful house. We felt like we were friends already after just a night of stay! 

Forget about the shopping and roaming around the city! It’s a great chance to do different to communicate with yourself, give your body a good rest. Therefore, we highly recommend you to give it a go if you are doing a getaway from your busy city lives! 

Book Here: https://www.localusher.com/experience/homestay-with-a-chef

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