FeedMe Guru x Namo Avant Thai Restaurant Tasting Menu

FeedMe Guru has up the game by partnering with a lot more restaurants for their tailor-made tasting menu, and we have stopped by Namo Avant Thai in Tsim Sha Tsui East, right next to London House. 

The menu only costs $888 for two and $1188 with wine pairing for two (a glass of Prosecco, White Wine, and Red Wine). Besides, a complimentary appetiser of shrimp watermelon skewer would be given for any dinner services at the restaurant. 

Freshly shucked coffin bay oyster (1pc per person)

Instead of having the traditional Thai style raw prawn as a starter, we were served with a big South Australia meaty oyster embraces a strong sea water taste, along with tomato & chilli dip. 

Foie Gras Cracker

A delicate piece of pan fried duck foie gras topped with mango salsa on rice cracker. The strong taste from the fatty soft foie gras counterbalanced with the plain taste and crispiness from the airy cracker at the bottom. It was quite an interesting mouthful of experience. 

Garlic Prawn & Chicken Charm

A small plate of deep fried goodness with a piece of big prawn fritters in fluffy batter tossed in garlic and spice, and a crispy chicken fingers skewers covered in spicy sauce. 


An all time flavour from the restaurant comes to their sous vide giant Atlantic octopus slices being chargrilled to tender perfection on a light lemongrass coconut foam. A light chew still remained in the octopus while the powerful charred taste was just right with the grassy refreshing foam at the bottom. 

Silken Salmon

A fillet of flaky of Norway salmon being dry roasted and served in a generous amount of chili-lime garlic, delivering a herby taste that would bring you back your memory of Thailand. 

Chiang Mai Ribs

Another sous vide dish on the menu comes to this falling off the fork Iberico pork rib in a mild, Northern Thai Chiang Mai curry sauce served with pumpkin puree base and Thai baby cabbage. A protein rich dish with a kick to it! 

Kaow Phad

British brown crab clas with dried fried brown rice and a hint of lemon grass and other kinds of mixed herbs. 

3 Flavours Sticky Rice with Fresh Mango & Coconut Gelato

When it comes to Thai dessert, we cannot delay that mango sticky rice would be the go-to. Their three-layer stick rice tower topped with a piece of fresh sweet mango sided with light milky coconut gelato, a true authentic South East Asian sweet dish to enjoy. 

If you wish to enjoy this scrumptious menu, book from the FeedMe Guru link below!

Book Here

Namo Avant Thai Restaurant
Address: Shop G18, Empire Centre,, 68 Mody Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui East
Phone: 2739 1133

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