NOBORIOJI HOTEL in Nara – Nearby Attractions and Local Delicacies (Part 4)

Staying at NOBORIOJI HOTEL in Nara, the benefit would be its great location. The hotel is located right next to the infamous deer park. If you are lucky enough, you  may even spot some cute deers in the parking lot of the hotel!

The hotel would even kindly offer you some snacks to feed the deers, and water for yourself as you will not want to miss out doing a bit of hiking in the beautiful Nara Park. 

The architecture in Nara shows the history of the place. With the fun companionship from the deer, you would feel like coming back again and again! 

Cai Guo-Qiang

A bit of history to read on your way to some temples in Nara Park, making it such a good place for school excursion or family gathering! 


The landmark of Nara, this Buddist temple is one of Japan’s most famous and historically significant temples. The giant Buddha statue in the temple is a must visit. What’s more? The admission fee is only 500 JPY!

Nara National Museum

If you want to know more about the country, do pay a visit to the Nara National Museum to absorb more knowledge about this place before you leave! 

If you do not mind walking, roaming around Nara Park and Nara city is not a bad idea because you will definitely find a lot of hidden treasure or just simply good scenes from here and there. We would like to share some of the amazing scenery landscapes with you and some more deers of course, enjoy!

Each area or prefecture in Japan has it’s own delicacies, and Nara is no different. The Nara region (near Osaka and Kyoto, in Kansai) is famous for its kakinoha-zushi, which translates as ‘persimmon leaf sushi’. This delicacy is a must try for visitors to the city, or a possible option of omiyage to bring back for your Japanese co-workers.


Nakatanidou Mochi

If you are lucky enough, you may experience the very traditional Japanese mochitsuki (Mochi pounding ceremony) at this place. Their mochi is freshly made, super chewy with a very good texture that you have never tried before. We have picked the matcha mochi filled with sweet red bean paste and it is very delicious!

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