COBO House Launches Dessert Degustation Menu by Chef Janice Wong

COBO HOUSE,Community of Bohemians, launches a well-curated Dessert Degustation Menu Designed Personally by Asia’s Best Pastry Chef Janice Wong , bringing you two verions of sweetness. 

COBO House is a more fine restaurant when comparing to Artisan, continue taking on its artsy elegant attitude, the place is decorated with lots of artistic paintings, tailored furniture and quality glasses and utensils. 

The lollipop art piece is hung in the middle of the restaurant and it is literally an edible painting made with marshmallow! 

Chef Janice Wong created the desserts hand-picked and presented in a sequence personally curated by her, together with mocktails or teas beverage pairing.

Available in Memories of Childhood and Hues and Colours of Taste at $298 per person (minimum 2 persons) respectively, each menu comprises of three desserts and three corresponding mocktails or teas, presented course after course in a thoughtfully planned order.

Memories of Childhood is a journey filled with all the happy reminiscences as a kid and flowery tangs


Sweet & salty popcorn, yuzu parfait, passion fruit sorbet. The contrast between he crunchy popcorn and parfait is fun while the sorbet gave a sour taste to this dessert. This is a fun childhood dessert that brings back the fond memory of going to the cinema when we were small.


Smoked salted popcorn syrup, yuzu, passion fruit puree, soda. It’s like drinking popcorn, literally. 

Kyoto Garden*

Orange blossom ice cream rock, pistachio microwave sponge, pistachio parfait, orange blossom jelly, apricot compote, lemongrass ganache. It is a Zen garden made with food! I particularly liked how we have to crack open the ice cream rock with a hard crispy shell. Playful and freaking delicious!

Sabi Sabi

Green apple puree, wasabi, lemongrass syrup, elderflower cordial, lime juice, ginger beer. Wasabi drinks are always my favourite and they are not making it super spicy which I prefer. 

Basil White Chocolate

Passion fruit pate de fruit, coconut marshmallow sherbet, passion fruit fluff, sea grapes. A rather light dessert featuring a balance of acidity, sweetness and herbal notes with basil, and a refreshing grassy sea water taste from the sea grapes. 

Hues and Colours of Taste simply celebrates art!

Strawberry Caprese*

A new spring 2016 creation that builds upon the strawberry ice cream sandwiched between raspberry air nests, garnished generously with fresh and vinegar cured strawberries, tonka snow, Chartreuse, sakura pearls and strawberry consommé, starring the fresh earthy notes of the fruit while presenting the colours of tastes with shades of red and pink ingredients. 

Rosy No.2

Hibiscus tea, grape juice, lemon juice, rose syrup, rose vanilla foam. Appetising, sexy and bright, a perfect way to celebrate the summer with this piece of art.  


A big bang between purple potato puree, blackberry parfait, leather, lavender marshmallow. Sour, sweet, and yet again very artistic from the presentation inside out. 

Lavenilla Fizz

Lavender vanilla syrup, pear juice, bergamont puree, nutmeg

Chocolate H2O

65% dark chocolate, Evian Water, salted caramel, kochi yuzu sorbet. A dessert created for those who want to cut calories using lighter ingredients to create a ice cream like texture, a comforting yet light creation with a focus on the purity of taste. 

The Dessert Degustation Menu is something you have to come and experience yourself. The complexity of each dish is over the top with the best, freshest, the most honest ingredients you can ever taste. The beautiful presentation married delightfully with each of the unique flavour that would excite your palette. A true celebration for us, Bohemians. 

Both menus are available on Monday to Friday during lunch and dinner time, and on Saturday and Sunday during lunch, afternoon tea and dinner time, priced at $298/person with a minimum order of two sets. All desserts and drinks are presented in tasting portions. Besides, the two new desserts Kyoto Garden ($138) and Strawberry Caprese ($138) are both available as a la carte. All prices are subject to 10% service charge.

New Chocolate Bonbon in the House: Almond Enzyme

Besides a wide selection of sweet and savoury dishes, their chocolate fridge right next to the entrance is another highlight of the eatery. Taking on a colourful brick appearance, Almond Enzyme (Dine In: $20/piece, Gift Box: $118/5 pieces) stars the enzyme from Okayama prefecture in Japan which consists of 75 different ingredients. The ingredients have gone through a 3-year lactic acid fermentation process, making it a healthy, delicious and unforgettable chocolate you cannot find elsewhere in Hong Kong.

Salted Egg is a Hong Kong Special only available at COBO House, the flavour is inspired by the Chinese thousand years egg. The unique salted egg flavour complimented nicely with the smooth chocolate with artsy painting. 

Book Online to Enjoy a Free Corkage Offer

Responding to the prevailing demand of online booking, we are happy to announce that customers are now able to make a booking through our facebook (COBO HOUSE HONG KONG) and Instagram (@COBOHOUSEHK). For those who make an even number booking of 2, 4, 6 and 8 persons through our online platforms will be able to enjoy free corkage for up to 3 bottles of wine per table, and a discounted corkage fee of $100 for the 4th bottle onwards. (Original corkage fee: $500/bottle) This offer is available all day from now to October 31, with terms and conditions apply.

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