Matsu – Fine Japanese Eatery Opened by Celebrity Joe Ma

Matsu is a rather new Japanese restaurant opened by TVB celebrity, Joe Ma! Located in TST east, it takes around 10-15mins slow walk from the MTR station. Though the restaurant is a bit off the beaten track, the quality of the food is well worth going!

The place is really well stocked with different kind of alcoholic drinks! There are at least 3 or 4 big fridge filled with Japanese sake, beer, and wine as well! Wondering if it is a common place for other TVB celebrities to dine too?

The diner is decorated in traditional Japanese vibe, therefore, at the bar table, a long display of the freshest in-season seafood is showcase to customers for them to order! 

I enjoyed the feel of their utensils and the neatness of the place. I feel really comfortable just by sitting there waiting for my friends’ arrival for dinner! 

When we are all seated, we are quickly served with their appetiser of the day, a small dish of marinated fish pieces. The savoury and slightly sour firm fish bites has been marinated for a long them, a light way to awaken our palette after a long day work. 

We have then ordered a few sets of sushi along with some small dishes to share and main dishes to enjoy. The sushi chef is really experienced and you can tell by his very rapid flawless sushi making skills. It literally took not so long for them to make three trays of sushi for us! 

Deluxe Assorted Sushi Matsu $420

8 pieces of sushi with a roll of maki. It actually looks a lot more than I thought so let me introduce each piece for you from top to bottom, left to right. 

Toro, bream, peony shrimp, saury, hokkigai
Tamago, mackerel, uni, salmon roe, and maki rolls

As the seaweed gets soggy easily, we were recommended to enjoy the ones with seaweed first. The salmon roes are super fresh and pumped with a very juicy content. A mouthful of strong fishy taste married beautifully with the slightly acidic fluffy sushi rice underneath, it is just a great way to start the sushi journey with. 

I did actually want to save this uni last but again I should really consume the ones with seaweed before they get soft and not crispy. The uni is again super fresh with a bittersweet aftertaste which is just my type of uni. The perfectly balanced bitterness and sweetness complimented nicely with the sea water taste from this delicate kind of seafood. 

Moving on to some white fish, I picked the mackerel one as it has a lighter, actually a rather grassy taste. The freshly sliced fish is firm and chewy, a lovely piece of fish to enjoy. 

I have chosen bream as my next mouthful. Bream is a little bit softer and also with a light taste. The software texture mixed well nicely with the sushi rice. 

Hokkigai used to be something I always avoid but in fact good hokkigai can be very tasty and not chewy. I am sure you have experienced numerous of hard chewing gum before but Matsu would give you no disappointment with their fresh fish and shellfish! 

Saury is a stronger type of fish and the sushi is topped with some grated ginger and spring onion. The rather firm fish give texture that is a bit more similar to white meat and it has a stronger pleasant kind of fishy taste.

The maki rolls are no jokes. Each piece is cut evenly with avocado and some scallop ingredients. The bite size maki is cute and delicious. Besides, 6 pieces are actually a lot, luckily my male friend have an appetite for them!

As an egg person, I really enjoy these two pieces of sexy tamago. The fluffy, super moist sweet tamago is done right! It is very soft and almost melting in your mouth. For me, two pieces is just not enough to satisfy my craving! 

I have saved the piece of fatty tuna last as I want to tell the difference between the one from the set and the one that I ordered extra. I was told that they would serve pretty decent fatty tuna from the set and I am happy about it. By comparing the fatty tuna and fatty tuna belly that I ordered extra, I found that the quality of this piece is somewhere in between those two extra ones. You can tell from the marble mark that it is going to melt in your mouth in no time and it did! 

Though my stomach has already hit the wall, I have ordered a few more pieces of sushi because I can’t help it! 
Wagyu 80g $80

Before I savoury some more toro, I need to cleanse my palette with this amazing fatty wagyu beef sushi which costs $1 per gram! The raw beef thin slices are soft with a tender texture. It looks really fatty but the relish on top counterbalanced the unique Japanese wagyu beef taste. 

Fatty tuna $80

Then I ordered two more pieces of toro and this fatty tuna look a little bit leaner than the one from the set but it is still very fresh with a good amount of fat content. The fibre can still be noticed and the taste of tuna is very prominent. 

Fatty tuna belly $100

The most anticipated piece of sushi after the wagyu piece. The fatty tuna belly is indeed super fatty which is in white colour due to its very high fat ratio. The piece of fish almost mashed and then melted in the mouth, mixed together with the sushi rice with a hint of savouriness from the soya sauce spread on top. 

Grilled fish roe sausage $58

Mentaiko is one of the signatures from Fukuoka and I remember I used eat them every single day and they are even available at breakfast! The sausage embraces a subtle spiciness and savouiness from the mentaiko wrapped in a thin layers of sausage casing that gives a snapping effect. The sauce is firm, lean, and flavour, a great way to enjoy with the grainy mustard served on the side. 

Grilled fish fin with shichimi sauce $68

Seldom have I ordered fish fin from the menu and I was wondering how it would taste differently from any other dried grilled fish dishes. The taste is actually slightly similar but with a less fishy taste and a more crunchy texture as you may imagine how fish fin can be snappy. The little chewiness from each fish fin is as addictive as chewing gums, while the smokiness and kind of a honey glazed aroma are complimented each other nicely. At this point, I really wish I could have a glass of chilled Japanese beer to go with it! 

Small Tempura Soba (Hot) $38

I have ordered a bowl of small soba with a few crispy tempura served on the side. The serving size is surprisingly generous with quite some healthy soba noodles and 4 pieces of freshly deep fried tempura in light fluffy batter. 

The tempura includes a piece of prawn, shiitake mushroom, pumpkin, and eggplant. They are all freshly fried with a thin layer of Japanese tempura batter. A bowl of tentsuyu / tempura sauce with grated radish and wasabi is also available for you to dip your tempura into! 

Ginger Ice Cream 

Lastly we finish off with a scoop of ice cream, they have sesame, ginger, and sakura flavour and I have picked the ginger one as it seems that it can ease my digestion with the refreshing spiciness. 

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