Gold Coast Hotel Part II – Gold Coast Prime Rib

After a quick nap in the comfortable hotel room, we head down one of the restaurants in the lobby, Gold Coast Prime Rib is well known for their Prime Rib of course, dah, but this newly opened steakhouse also features an array of scrumptious soup, main courses and big desserts. Being invited by a few friends, we are coming here again to enjoy a decent dinner with sweet live music performances! 

We were served with 3 kinds of peppers and 3 kinds of salt to go with our dishes. Some of them are quite rare so make sure you try them out! 

Before we ordered, we were showcased with their signature prime rib served in cart. The rib has been slow cooked for long hours to maintain that sexy pink centre. 3 different thickness can be chosen depending on how hungry you are! 


Classic French Onion Soup Gratinated with cheese $98

Their onion soup has gained good reputation so it’s a must try. The sweetness are cheesiness are just right with a piece of bread on top covered with cheese. 

Clam chowder $98

Their English clam chowder is cream with a pleasant seafood taste with your desired toppings while water crackers would be one of the must-do when it comes to this traditional soup. 

Locally farmed hydroponic mixed salad with poached egg and balsamic dressing ($148)

Having tried their Caesar Salad last time, we go with their mixed salad which is just as refreshing and light! 

Main Course 

The starter cut 5oz ($288)

Their prime cut comes with 3 different sizes and starter cut would be good enough for any average girls. The thinly sliced cut has gravy poured all over with a cute buttery Yorkshire pudding served on the side. The tender meat is lean and full of beef flavour, a great treat for beef lovers! 

Whole French spring chicken 14oz $398

Surprisingly their spring chicken is super soft and moist even though the size is a little bit bigger than usual spring chicken. The skin is super crispy wrapping around the lean chicken meat underneath. It is a great alternative if you are not that into beef. 

Australian grass-fed lamb chop 8oz $328

The medium rare lamb chop is slightly overcooked in the middle while the edges remained succulent. The gamey taste would not be too overpowering and I can see this dish being widely accepted by diners. 

Petit filet mignon 7oz $348

Lastly, the filet mignon is probably the smallest main course on the menu with only 7oz of a piece of delicate meat. Though it is also slightly overcooked, the flavour of the beef is even stronger than prime rib which is expectable. The gravy served on the side enhanced the beef taste but I personally prefer to enjoy it as it is. 

Side dishes

Truffle fries $60

Creamy spinach $60


Traditional apple crumble with vanilla ice cream $88

Their apple crumble is another must-order. A whole plate of chunky sweet cinnamon-y apple pieces covered with a layer of crunchy toppings served with warm vanilla sauce and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is sweet yet not too overly sweetened. The size is literally big enough to share among 4 people.

Classic crepe Suzette with vanilla ice cream $88

A classic French elegant dessert made with thin crepes and orange liqueurs. The slightly bitter sweet aftertaste is unique but may not be widely accepted by everyone. The vanilla ice cream on the side counterbalanced the strong flavour from this dessert! 

Before we left for some star tracking on the beach, let’s finish our meal with a nice cup of espresso to ease with the digestion and to wake ourselves up from the long delicious meal filled with laughter and music! 

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