Gold Coast Hotel Part I – Deluxe Seaview Room

What’s not better than spending a relaxing weekend in Gold Coast Hotel with a full sea view? The hotel is very busy especially over the weekend as you can see travellers and locals are all gathering at the lobby with lots of greens and flowers! 

Though there is short line for customers to check-in, the staff is very patient, efficient, and definitely very helpful towards any needs. In no time, we have got our keys to our lucky room on 8th floor!

The corridor feels new, clean, and with a good smell. The carpet is clean, the light is bright with a warm matching colour tone. Each room is not too close to either other and we found that the noise isolation is just perfect throughout our visit! 

This Deluxe Seaview Room is very spacious with a big firm bed that might be enough for 4 people! The room is also equipped with the standards including chairs, study table, big flat TV, fridge, and more. 

The marble themed bathroom gives a luxurious vibe and very well equipped with all the necessary amenities, clean and fluffy towels, clean floor and bright light. The shower is nice and hot with high pressure which could act like a massage to your body. 

The full sea view is just pleasantly relaxing. By looking at the yachts, it makes you feel like you can almost own one of them! Stop dreaming! The beach is just about 10 mins walk on the left side of the hotel, while a weekend market is another 10 mins walk on the right side of the hotel. The beach is very long with lots of life guards while the weekend market changes from time to time mainly selling different fun little things for kids or big kids! 

The mini bar is stocked with some beer, soft drinks, while complimentary tea, coffee, and bottled water are also provided as refreshments. A secure safe is on the left for you to put your valuables when you go out for swimming or any other activities. 

Their room service is just nice, quick, and thoughtful, we actually requested some wine glasses and ice buckets and the hotel really cooperated nicely with clean and nice utensils as we asked for! 

Stay tuned for part II as we go for dinner at my favourite prime rib restaurant in Hong Kong!

Address: 1 Castle Peak Road (Castle Peak Bay), Tuen Mun
Phone: 2452 8888

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