Warren – A Newly Opened French Eatery in Tai Hang

Warren is a newly opened restaurant on the ground floor of Warren property, serving French food with their own attitude, heartfelt service, and scrumptious food from experienced chefs. Since the restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Warren property, they stretched their service by offering room services for the residents!

Located at the corner in one of the local street in Tai Hang, the eatery offers a few outdoor seats for customers to enjoy a couple of drinks with “fresh air”. 

Their dinner menu is pretty straightforward, you may choose either a 3-course dinner with start+soup/dessert +main for $330, or a more satisfying 4-course dinner for $380. 


Nothing beats a relaxing weekend night with a glass of wine. Their chardonnay is sharp and quite light in sweetness, a perfect drink to pair with seafood. 

Bread basket with truffle butter

Both of their baguette and rye bread had been toasted until light crunch. The housemade aromatic truffle butter just melted on the warm toast. Balsamic vinegar and olive oil were also served on the side for you to dip your bread in! 

Pan seared tuna & tuna tartar with yuzu dressing

A tuna x tuna combination with lightly seared and nicely seasoned tuna pieces, with some fatty tuna tartar tower on top of some chopped avocado, super thinly sliced cucumber, yuzu wedges, with drops of sticky aged balsamic vinegar and olive oil. 

First of all, the seared tuna pieces were perfectly cooked and seasoned to the right point with a fresh firm texture and bright pink colour. Moving on to the tartar tower, the chopped up moist tuna pieces blended beautifully with the ripe creamy avocado. Since the serving size was pretty generous for this fatty appetiser, the yuzu and balsamic vinegar kind of counterbalanced with their citric taste. It was indeed a very nicely constructed dish and I highly recommend you to try it out yourself. 

French onion soup

A classic French soup to indulging. Two pieces of bread were put on top of the soup filled with softly boiled sweet onion, and a layer of savoury cheese. The amount of cheese was not too over the top but still gave a nice stringy cheesy taste, the onion was also not too overly softened until mashy, while the bread absorbed all the sweet soup. 

Salmon confit with white wine sauce

Salmon is a very healthy kind of fish packed with good old omega-3. The fillet had been prepared sous vide for 20 mins until just lightly cook all the way through. It was almost in between raw and cooked, sitting on top of a bed of creamy runny white wine sauce, sided with some veggies with heart including a piece of sundried tomato, baby carrot, beans, broccoli, and a piece of specially prepared sweet radish! 

The doneness was just on point! The salmon just fell apart with flakes and they just melted in your mouth in no time. The smooth has just got smoother when you enjoy it with the creamy sauce. This dish should be good for kids and elderly. 

Hand-drip coffee

Lastly, you may choose to have either tea or hand-drip coffee. As a coffee person, it was a no-brainer. It’s so surprising to see restaurants offering hand drip coffee after a meal. The aroma of the coffee flavour was nice with a light char taste. From the good quality of their stainless steel kettle, you can see the heart and passion of this restaurant with these kind of small details. 

Tai Hang is an area filled with great food, with no exception, Warren is a restaurant true to its value with enthusiasm. You will be leaving with no disappointment but a very satisfied stomach. This cozy restaurant is also available for private party booking upon request, so do drop by for some drinks along with some bites!

Address: The Warren, 9 Warren Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong

Telephone: +852 2392 5121

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