NEW EAT – Alba Wine & Dine Stay True to Italian Roots

Alba Wine & Dine is newly opened on Old Bailey Street in Central, serving traditional Italian cuisine using true quality ingredients imported directly from Italy, prepared by Italiano chef with Italian blood running in this veins! 

Apart from freshly prepared dishes, the restaurant also sells a very wide range of imported Italian products for including chocolates, nuts, truffle butter, truffle salt and much more! 

Wine is one of the highlights at Alba as the restaurant embraces a long fine amazing wine list that you cannot find in anywhere else in Hong Kong. Happy Hour is also available from 5.30-7pm every day with Buy-One-Get-One-Free offer. 

Insalata Russa Della Tradizione $98

With the Russian culture influences in Italy, this traditional Piemontese Russian Salad was made with egg, tuna ortiz, carrots, green peas, potatoes, all blended up with their housemade mayo. It was creamy and hearty from the potatoes pieces. The fresh veggie taste joined nicely altogether. The hard boiled egg on top was even from Italy! No wonder it tasted a lot stronger than the local eggs! The dish was great to go with bread too! 

Vitello Tonnato $128

Super thinly sliced veal carpaccio was topped with a dollop of tuna sauce, bedded with salad valeriana insalata, topped with halved cappers and diced sweet ripe pears. The taste of the soft and smooth valeriana salad is really sweet and unique, along with the sweet pears to counterbalance with the slightly savoury veal, while the capper brought out extra flavour from the delicate meat pieces. We were told that the greens used at the restaurants are pretty hard to be find locally. 

Acciughe Al Verde e Burro Beppino Occelli $128

A big bite size appetiser with savoury anchovies, parsley green sauce, and butter “Beppino Occelli” sitting beautifully on crispy bread. Each ingredient in the bite showed their own character, from savouriness from anchovies, the freshness from the herb, and the creaminess from one of the best butter! The butter was shaved thinly and almost acted like an agent to ease out all the strong flavours from this complex bite. 

Fusilli Alla “Carlo Umberto” $138

Let’s get some carbs in with these twist pasta with Italian Pork Sausage, cooked with Barolo wine, again one of the most popular wine, lastly topped with semi-hard toma cheese. The quite al dente pasta was pretty light in taste with just an adequate amount of pork sausage meat mixed in along with the aromatic herb santoreggia montana as a fragrant. 

Battute Di Fassona Piemontese, Soffice Di Capra $188

Traditional Fassona Beef Tartare from Piemonte served with a dollop Goat Cheese Mousse. Fassona cows are treated the best ethical way with more than a thousand types of food being prohibited to feed them. The pure cows are therefore very trust-worthy to be consumed. The raw tartare was best to go with the light smooth goat cheese to add an extra buttery taste to the rather lean minced meat. We were also recommended to add a few drops of rather sweet Italian lemon juice onto the tartare to bring out the true fresh taste of the beef. 

Torta Di Nocciole Morbida, Zabaione Al Moscato D’asti, Gelato $128

Moving on to some desserts, a piece of soft hazelnut cake was sitting in a pool of cold housemade eggnog, with a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream filled with vanilla seeds. The fluffy moist cake had a few chopped pieces of hazelnuts hidden inside, giving some crunch to this relatively soft dessert dish. The eggnog and the cake itself were not too sweet. Three things literally combined nicely to create a dish of scrumptious indulging sweet treat.

Tiramisu’ Tradizionale $88

Lastly, how can we miss out of the most traditional Italian dessert, Piemontese Tiramisù. The restaurant prepared this staple dessert with simply sponge cakes soaked in espresso with a layer of smooth mascarpone cheese on top, dusted with cocoa powder. Simple and delicious, you can never go wrong with Tiramisù at Alba Wine & Dine, a truly authentic Italian restaurant. 


Finishing off the meal with a nice cup of Italian espresso. Some roasted hazelnuts would be served on the side at the end of the meal too! The flavour of their espresso was just on point, you just have to order it! 

Old Bailey Street is known for good food and Alba Wine & Dine is a good add on to the neighborhood. The true authentic recipes using reliable sources for ingredients offer diners a care-free dining experience, yet still at a comfortably reasonable price!

AddressG/F, 11 Old Bailey Street, Central
Telephone: 2804 6699

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