MedOven – One of the few Mediterranean Affordable Eateries

MedOven is a newly opened Mediterranean restaurant in Sheung Wan, just a few minutes walk from MTR. The restaurant has an opened kitchen with a spacious and bright dining area. 

Mediterranean cuisine is known as ancient food using true original ingredients with light seasonings and mixed of spices. The restaurant features a range of traditional Mediterranean food using all housemade bread and pastry items. Some of their most popular items include ‘Pidezza’, kebab, bread rolls, and lots of other pastries. 

Chicken Pidezza $72

A crossover version between a Pita and Pizza, stuffed with either meat or cheese filling. The chicken version comes with pieces of chopped chicken meat, along with some traditional pizza toppings like olives, peppers, and cheese. The pita bread had been baked until brown but not yet the crunchy state. The toppings were everything like pizza, but less doughy and less savoury. 

Moussaka $55

This dish really reminded me of London because I used to go to one particular restaurant for their moussaka and mezze platter. Their moussaka is a pretty potato based dish with seasoned ground beef and slices of eggplant stuffed in between. I would always prefer moussaka to lasagna because it doesn’t have pasta in it. The tomato sauce just glued everything together in this well constructed food tower! 

Chicken Souvlaki with Veggies, Baked Potato in Pita $49

Using freshly made fluffy pita bread full of yeast flavour, stuffed with desired fillings, along with some housemade yogurt sauce. The original flavour of the pita bread was prominent with a good light taste, and the  nicely roasted potato inside was just really nicely golden, complimented  well with the just right chicken breast. 

Keftedes with Potato and Veggies $59

The keftedes is one of the most common dishes in Mediterranean diet, just like falafel but it is a meat version using grounded beef. Technically meat balls that has been firmly packed roll has been shaped in a long oval two-bite.

Borek Spinach Pie $50

This again brings back my old memory when I was living in a Greek town in Melbourne. Some spinach has been stuffed in filo pastry with just a light seasoning. The flaky pastry was not too oily which I preferred, leaving the prominent taste from the spinach itself. 

Tomato bread

Again, all of their bread items are housemade. This tomato bread has a slice of juicy tomato and some soft cheese underneath. It was moist, soft, with a summer appetizing tomato flavour, yet not too bready. The golden crust gave a nice crunch on the edges, making it an enjoyable quick snack/tea. 

Mediterranean Lemonade $25

Lemonade has been common yet not so common to find a good one. Their lemonade is not too sweet nor sour. The bright yellow drink was slightly citric-y and tangy from the lemon itself. I would highly recommend it if you happen to  stop by this place during this hot summer! 

The restaurant is opened from 8am-10pm therefore you may grab your breakfast / lunch / dinner / or even catering for your meetings throughout the day! Meanwhile, some dessert items will be available soon so stay tuned for that. Since all the bread item is housemade therefore the restaurant is actually planning to source their carbs into some of the bars / restaurants in the neighbourhood. I would have to say that there aren’t many trusted sources in Hong Kong making quality pita bread so I guess MedOven is going to my go-in when I am looking for some pita or just any quality bread rolls whenever I want in Sheung Wan area!

AddressShop A, G/F, Kamcourt Building (next to Cleverly Street Park), 60 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan

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