Brooklyn Bar & Grill with Traditional American Comfort Food

Brooklyn Bar and Grill is a newly opened  bar and restaurant located on Staunton Street Serving tradition American style comfort food like Mac & Cheese, Pastrami Sandwiches, to Texas BBQ! 

The very cozy restaurant has tables facing the street as well as some bar seats for customers to just drop by for a drink and maybe a proper dinner as well! A wide selection of wine/spirits/cocktails are available from the very well stocked bar, created by their experienced mixologist! 

Left: Spiked Blueberry Lemonade $98

Made with their homemade lemonade, muddled blueberry, simple syrup and Hanson true artisan, small-batch organic Vodka. The crushed blueberries pieces were swimming in the refreshing cocktail with just a hint of sweetness. The berries gave a bit of tartness to the drink, meanwhile, blueberry is actually very high in antioxidant too!

Right: Peach Old Fashion $105

A stronger drink with all the expected classic flavour yet with a twist of added peach aroma to this cocktail. Made with housemade peach pure, Woodford Reserve, Angostura Bitters and a pinch of brown sugar. Familiar yet unique. It is one of my favourite kind of cocktail to enjoy at all time!

Steamed Blue Mussels $118

Pieces of plumped mussels in shell had been simmered and drenched in a garlic infused white wine rich cream sauce that had been seasoned to just the right point! The sauce was full of sea water flavour and was prepared with lots of shallots, scallions, and lots of mixed herbs, which made a fun dish to share among friends using the toasted bread to dip in the sauce. 

Bacon truffle Mac & Cheese $98

It’s been a while since I had my last Mac & Cheese at the Porterhouse. Their Mac & Cheese is pretty gourmet style using a mixed cheese. The soft mac hidden underneath was covered with a thick layer of stringy savoury cheese, and topped with some crispy bacon and aromatic truffle oil, then baked until perfectly golden brown. 

Instead of using bread crumb, the bacon gave a nice crunch and a nice smokey flavour to the soft mac & cheese. The contrast in texture was nice. The flavour from the cheese and bacon was nice too, but I personally would prefer a more tasteful macaroni itself.

BBQ Peruvian Pork Spareribs $228

A true American serving size which is a whole rack of Peruvian ribs being slathered with a homemade chipotle BBQ sauce. I liked the seasoning because it was not too savoury nor sweet, unlike any other store bought BBQ sauce. The whole rib was sitting on a bed of mashed potato, sided with some cream spinach and mushroom, and a big piece of nicely grilled sweet pineapple. 

The true flavour from the pork was nice with the seasoned mash, and some creamy side veggies. The meat had been slowed cooked which was a long overnight steaming process, therefore the meat was so succulent that it was almost falling off from the bone. 

The portion is really big so it is best to share among friends. Since we were so full already so we really had to skip dessert but I still have room to spare for a nice cup of espresso to ease my digestion after this big meal. 


Their coffee had an interesting charcoal and chocolate flavour which was a little similar to the kopi luwak from Vietnam. Our meal finish right here and I think the place on Staunton street is good for either just some really  nice cocktails/beer , or a nice traditional American style comfort meal. 

Address: G/F, 29 Staunton Street, Soho Central
Telephone: +852 2801 6444

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