Cozy Corner High Tea with 4 Types of Scones!

Cozy Corner is located right at the corner of Minden Avenue in Tsim Sha Tsui, just a few minutes walk from K11. The interior design looks luxurious with a main theme of white colour, a perfect tone for a romantic classy dining experience. Under the heavy rain, what’s not better than stopping by for a relaxing scrumptious afternoon tea set to share with friend?

The English style three-tier afternoon tea set offers a range of sweet and savoury bites from foie gras, to cheese cake, along with four different flavours buttery warm scones served with jam and butter, costing only $308 +10% service charge for two.

Hot Items

Pan-fried foie gras

The foie gras has been seared until golden brown on a piece of crispy green apple slice with marmalade jam. The sweetness from the jam counterbalanced with the greasiness from the little piece of fatty foie gras.

Serrano ham with melon

A classic canapes to enjoy during any afternoon tea, the freshly sliced melon was wrapped around with a lean piece of Serrano ham. A light and refreshing way to start a food jourmey.

Pan-fried prawn with lemon

The big piece of prawn is skewered with leek and cherry tomato. The pungent flavor from the leek brought out the fresh seafood savoury taste from the prawn, a delicate bite in style.

Open face tuna fillet sandwich

Definitely one of the most filling canapes since the piece of toast at the bottom was pretty big in size, holding onto a few pieces of crisp salad and two mini pieces of lightly seared tuna.

Homemade desserts

Mascarpone cheese puffs

Our favourite canapes from the tea set with this fluffy buttery baked cake / bread texture which a golden crispy edges, filled with velvety mascarpone cheese with fresh vanilla seeds. The oozing cheese just blended nicely with the pastry. 

Chocolate rocks

There were two types of rocks, one is covered with milk chocolate and chocolate crisps, while the other one is covered with dark chocolate, dusted with powder sugar. The playful bite was crunchy with just the right amount of sweetness and chewiness to it. 

Marmalade cheese cakes

Their cheese cake was a little bit sour in taste with a smoother top layer of cream and denser layer of cheese cake at the bottom. The sweet and tart marmalade jam on top eased out the heavy cheesiness from the cake. 

Homemade Scones

Four scones flavours (figs, pine nuts, raisins, original)

They are all very buttery in taste and most importantly, they were all served warm with sweet strawberry jam and house-seasoned light butter. Among them, the pine nuts one stood out the most because it’s quite uncommon. The crunchy healthy nuts had been hidden in the butter scone and I liked to enjoy it as it is!

Address: Shop nos 1-2, G/F., The Pinnacle, 8 Minden Ave., Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: +852 2369 2489

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