Live Like a Princess with 12-Course Dinner

At Princess, you will surely be pampered like a princess with scrumptious food and sweet services. We are here today to try their long 12-course menu costing $988 per head +10% service charge

Before our dishes arrive, we were served with a 10 selections of mini cookies because the restaurant got its name famous with their baking goods. Among them, the most memorable flavours would be their earl grey, chocolate, cheese, tom yum, and numbing spice. They are buttery and packed with each of their unique taste. A great way to challenge your palette. 

We are then served with three bite size canapes and they are pig liver pate, crab meat with avocado, and egg salad. 

The pig liver pate is put on a thin sheet of mini rice cracker, the peppery taste and the savoury strong taste from the pate balanced nicely with the plain light rice crackers, while the gold flakes make things prettier isn’t it. 

The crab meat is mixed with mayo and is put on a normal butter cracker with some salmon roes and avocado. The creamy texture of this bite is out of the world. The fishy taste from the roe, the savoury taste from the crab, and the creamy buttery taste from the avocado and cracker. It is the best bite among the three. 

The egg salad has been blended into mousse form with some caviar put on top in a cute little filo pastry cup. You will definitely like it if you like egg salad! 

Love Hearts Embrace

“I Heart You” with all these healthy ingredients pack with antioxidant! Everything is in heart shape including their baked beetroot, yellow beetroot and watermelon, over with pine nut, on beetroot puree. The cute plate is refreshing, sweet and flavourful at the same time because the grassy taste and the fruity taste complimented nicely with the crushed nuts and some light seasonings. 

Forest Pastorale

The cauliflower has been disced into thick slices and pan fried until crunchy in texture, while the, served with halved pickled grapes over a drizzle of mint oil. The flavour intensify from the last summary dish with the light smokiness from the edges of the cauliflavour, counterbalancing with the sweetness from the seedless grapes. 

Golden Pearl Island

A sashimi-grade scallop has been cooked until perfection served on a bed of sweet corn puree, and some chopped Chinese sausage and dried radish on top. The savoury sausages and the creamy sweet corn puree really bring out the freshness from the moist big piece of scallop that has been seared until golden brown colour. 

Volcano Eruption

A bite size mini piece of eomuk (Korean fish cake) is holding on a piece of thinly sliced pork belly with kimchi, thin apple slices, and green onion salad on top. The salty and spiciness again counterbalanced with the light fish taste from the bottom, and the fresh grassy taste from top. No wonder it is called volcano because the complexity of the bite is like an explosion in the mouth. 

Sweet Magic

This Sweet Magic is actually quite savoury from the foie gras ganache, paired with the sweet caramelised poached pear and fig, with a few broken pieces of crispy rice cracker. The strong taste from the foie gras is very smooth, a extreme contrast to the crackers. 

Lotus Fountain

The only soup dish on the menu. A few little cut pieces crab & truffle tortellini swimming in chicken consomme, along with a few stalks of young and green asparagus, mini zucchini balls and luxurious gold flakes. The hot consomme is quite light in taste, a heart-warming soup is satisfying even for this hot summer. 

Lemongrass Sorbet

Before moving on to more dishes, a small scoop of herby refreshing sorbet with some spicy and savoury Tom Yum cookie crumbles would be best to clean your palette. 

Pacific Andante

Our first tasting portion main dish arrived which is a whole tail sous vide Boston lobster with some caviar, mango salsa, mango & lime juicy. Nonetheless, this piece of lobster is a bit too tough in texture to my liking, the sea water taste from the lobster is strong so the sweetness and sourness from all those fruit and salsa would never go wrong. 

Betta Fairytale

The taste of each dish is getting stronger and stronger as expected. The next main is yet another sous vide dish. The succulent juicy pork belly is almost falling apart, served with baby carrot, pearl onions, using carrot & orange puree to hold everything in place. Not only 
good “char siu” has four layers, but also this piece of tender pork belly with a top layer of fat to another three layers of much leaner meat. The puree between the veggies and meat enhances the sweetness and meaty flavour from the pork, just a dish not to be missed. 

Gold Coast

It’s always good to finish off with some filling carb-based dish such as this flavourful seafood uni tagliatelle covered in rich and creamy seafood uni sauce, over with some small pieces of bacon, healthy superfood quinoa, halved cherry tomatoes, and fishy plumped salmon roes. 

The strong seafood taste from the uni has just been escalated to another level with the salty taste from the salmon roes. The tagliatelle pasta is perfectly cooked until al-dente doneness. A pleasurable way to settle our stomach before some sweet treats. 

Strawberry Fairy

After resting for a bit, the second stomach is ready for some sugary bites. This elegant-looking heel is made with a mixture of hardened strawberries and yogurt, complimenting with a scoop of appetising pineapple with passion fruit ice cream. The heel tasted just like ice cream, but in a healthier way, while the fresh fruits and some dehydrated pineapple slices served on the side give a sour finish. 

Lady Rosette

The last dish brought to us would be a light lime & lychee sorbet at the bottom, and a blooming iced 
blueberries rose on top. The blueberries give a prominent tartness on its own so it is better to enjoy with the only slightly sweetened lychee sorbet altogether. 


Lastly, how can we forget about the amazing coffee from Princess? I just opt for the very basic cappuccino with a thick and creamy foam on top. I particularly liked the sprinkle of cocoa powder on top, delivering a good aroma from the nose. 

Address: Shop 7, Upper Floor, Sino Plaza, 255-257 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay
Telephone: +852 2866 9062

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