Yayakiya Brings You Back to Hakata!

Yayakiya is a chic and cozy Japanese yakitori bar and grill restaurant located in Tsim Sha Tsui East. This well known yakitori restaurant with menu designed by Japanese Executive Chef, Shimoji Atsushi, can easily be found with its big bright neon light logo at the conjunction between Hart Avenue and Chatham Road South. 

Night owls can enjoy 20% off from Yayakiya’s extensive à la carte menu and set menu after 9:30 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday; and after 10:30 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, before and on the day of Public Holiday.

The Einstein painting on the wall is particularly playful, while customers can sit at their bar tables or bench tables, enjoying a few new light seasonal summer menu featuring six kinds of oyster shooters and Japanese shaved ice dessert, Kakigori. 

Oyster shooter set – Original from Hyogo ($250 from 7 p.m. – 12 a.m.)

Six different flavours can be enjoyed at happy hour rate at HK$28 each from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays. Shooters may also be enjoyed as a single shot of amuse bouche at HK$45, or as a platter of 6 for HK$250 during dinner and late night hours from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m..

From left to right: (Spicy Tomato Sauce, Rock Salt with Lemon, Spicy Yuzu-miso Ponzu, Yuzu-pepper with Ponzu, Yam & Wasabi, Japanese Ravigote Sauce)

Their oysters are originated from Hyogo which has a sweeter taste and creamier texture. The Yam & Wasabi shooter is particularly funky with a sticky and pungent spicy taste. If you are not as adventurous, Spicy Tomato Sauce would be a more traditional choice. 

Sea Urchin Wafer Chirashi Sushi ($48)

One of the staple dishes from the restaurant, the Waffer is sandwiching some sushi rice, topped with some nori, crab roes, and a big dollop of fresh sea urchin, which has a pungent fishy bittersweet taste. The wafer remained crispy and crunchy yet not too dry that would stick to your mouth. A handful of scrumptious bite is at a very economic $48, isn’t it a treat? 

Grilled Spicy Hakata Cod Roe ($58)

Mentaiko from Fukuoka is very famous and nothing would go wrong to enjoy some spicy Mantaiko with slices of refreshing and light cucumber. 

Hakata Style Small Dumpling ($42)

The golden brown crunch sheet from these Hakata gyoza is perfectly done. The pork flavour is strong and nicely matching with the smokiness from the grill. These cute gyozas are juicy with a soft pork filling. Absolutely delightful in just a few bites. 

Mirin Dried Puffer Tempura ($58)

Dried puffer is no stranger but marin dried puffer tempura is the first. The caramelised sweet chewiness still remained after being deep fried in light tempura batter. The finger-licking crispy batter is just counter-balancing interestingly with the dried fish sticks. 

Tokushima Awaodori Chicken Wing ($27)

Though these are just chicken wings, but they are wings to the maximal crispiness. The spicy skin is spicy, savoury, and smokey. The caramelised skin is trapping the juiciness from the moist chicken meat, we just cannot stop eating! 

Ox Tongue Skewer ($38)

Moving on to some Hakata’s signature yakitori starting with some succulent big pieces of juicy ex tongues with honey mustard sauce, and the restaurant serves their skewers on a bed of thin and sharp raw cabbages seasoned in light soya sauce. 

Hakata Mentaiko Spicy Cod Roe Pork Belly Roll Skewer ($28)

The flavour intensified further with this bursting mentaiko skewer being wrapped around with beefsteak plant and thin pork belly slices. The grilled mentaiko oozes out almost like a sauce which gives a intense fishy savoury taste complimented with the unique herby flavour from the beefsteak plant. You have to try it if you are a mentaiko die hard fan. 

M7 Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki Rolls with Egg Dipping ($65)

You may try two different way to enjoy M7 in one skewer! One is with mizuna veggies and enoki mushrooms, while the other one is with “clove bran” which is a special Kyoto’s delicacy. The former one crunchier with a good bite from the mushroom, while the latter one gives a much smoother and denser texture, yet a bit lighter in taste. The generous amount of sweet and savoury sauce, along with a raw egg dipping sauce enhances the flavour from the fatty M7 wagyu, it is literally a party in the mouth! 

Eel Skewer ($55)

The thick cut eel skewers are sprinkled with some mixed spices with a kick to it. The fatty fish becomes meatier in feel with just a light grass taste. The slimy yam and wasabi is surprisingly complimenting with eel beautifully, a completely new experience from the traditional teriyaki sweet sauce. 

Rice Ball with Bonito and Mentaiko ($36)

Finishing off with some carbs and firstly it comes crispy rice ball that has been prepared to just the right amount of crunchiness. The bonito and mentaiko mixture on top give a rather sweet taste that is similar to grilled mentaiko mayo. We just cannot help finishing the whole thing though we are already quite satisfied. 

Hakata Spicy Cod Roe Cold Udon Noodle ($72)

Since it’s summery, we are having our second carb dish cold. It’s always good to enjoy some cold udon mixed with some more Hakata mentaiko. 

Apple Sabi ($158/jar)

Probably one of the most innovative cocktails on the menu. The sabi is a mixture of green apple juice, pineapple juice, green apple liqueur and sake, spiced with a touch of wasabi, and served with green apple-flavoured popping candy. The wasabi drink has just the right amount of spiciness to it but you may add extra ones into your cup if you can handle it, otherwise, green apple pieces can also be added to lighten things up. It is also recommended to make it more exciting by putting some popping candy on your tongue before drinking the cocktail!

Namakememo ($88)

They have a good selection of cocktails on the menu, this pretty looking cocktails is made with green apple, kiwi, sho chu and poire william liqueur. It is almost like an alcoholic smoothie with a very refreshing kiwi and sweet green apple flavour in it. I highly recommend it if you like to eat fruits!

Strawberry/Peach/Sweet Potato Kakigori ($38)

Time for desserts! The rendition of the local Japanese favourite “Kakigori”, better known as shaved ice. Made with natural spring water. Some condensed milk is also provided on the side for extra sweetness. They are cooling, sweet, and sour sometimes. A bowl of sweetness to share among friends! 

Address: G/F, 29-31, Chatham Road South (or Hart Avenue), Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 

Dinner is served on Friday and Saturday from 4:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. and Sunday to Thursday 4:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m..

For guest enquiries or reservations, please call (852) 2723-9833 or email rvs@yayakiya.com

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