Wing Lee Dispensary Keeps You Healthy and Happy

What’s not more important than being healthy and happy? Here are a few product trials that we would like to recommend you from Wing Lee Dispensary, which is currently having a numerous roadshow all over Hong Kong. 

MEGA-PAD Cooling Pad ($88)

For OL, atheletes, or just for those who has muscle aches, this cooling pad tackles muscle soreness and ache, waist soreness, backache, neck fatique, shower stiffness, wrench and muscular pull. The pads are all nicely sealed in a silver bag. Simply remove the peels at the back of the pad then apply to area of your ache problems. 

There are 10 pads in each box and they are all sized in 10 x 7.5cm. The pad would give you a good feeling of minty coolness which ease the pain of your targeted muscle.  Apply the pad 1 – 2 times a day and clean the area after using it. 

Either you are an OL whom need to sit whole day, or labor workers who need to heavy duty all the time, it’s quite common for modern citizen to have aching body and using cooling pad is no stranger for us and we found this MEGA-PAD eased the pain perfectly. 

Hongrade Cream – Professional Skin Cream ($55)

We have heard a lot of good comment about this cream and many of our bloggers friends are already using this product for a while. Since Hong Kong is such a polluted city, we often have sensitive skin problems and this cream is believed to relieve those red marks or infect areas. 

The cream is made with all natural herbal ingredients. You should still wash the affected area and dry thoroughly before applying a thin layer of the product over the affected area twice a day. I found that applying it in the morning and after the night shower would do just fine. 

The retail price for this product is only $55 which is very affordable for a good professional skin cream. The 20g product is best to store in between 5-30 degree celsius. I believe it can last for a good couple of months if you are applying it twice a day. Who doesn’t want to be pretty? I truly believe this product gained its reputation with a good reason! 

Bio-Tune – Probiotics Extra ($398)

As a blogger, we often have to go tasting at different restaurants every night and this Dietary Supplement just can’t be more suitable for us. The main ingredient in the tablets are spirulina and L-acidophilus which are both very good to improve intestine movements. 

It is recommended to take 1-2 tablets 2 times a day if you are an adult. The tablets are going to promote better bowel movements, which is believed to have a “cleaner guts”.

Having regular bowel movement is very important to maintain good health especially for our intestines. Therefore, it’s crucial to take your probiotics regularly before it gets too late until you have constipation.   

These products are all at an affordable price and they can be purchased from the address below. Nothing is more important than health. Love yourself before you love others. 

Wing Lee Dispensary 

Telephone: 68911755 whatsapp / wechat
Address: Wen Peng Building, 66-68 Nam Cheong Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Facebook Page:

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