Global Tourism Economy Forum 2016 – A 5 Asian Cities Roadshow

A five Asian cities roadshow for the special fifth anniversary edition of Global Tourism Economy Forum (“GTEF” or “the Forum”) is introducing GTEF 2016 to Beijing’s tourism industry peers and stakeholders. Scheduled to be held at Studio City Macau, the city’s newest iconic Hollywood-themed landmark, from 15 to 16 October 2016, this special anniversary edition will be dedicated to “THE GROWING CONSUMER CLASS, RETHINKING AND RESHAPING THE FUTURE TOURISM LANDSCAPE”. GTEF 2016 will zero in on how this rising independent-minded, resourceful and tech-savvy group is more than ever the increasingly influential force in the tourism industry; and will engage public-and-private-sector leaders in thought-provoking discussions of issues relating to Chinese consumers, tourism and technology, urban tourism consumption revolution, the millennial travelers and tourism investment.

GTEF 2016’s Asia Roadshow will continue at four key tourism destinations across East Asia, including Shanghai (August 1), Taipei (August 5), Guangzhou (August 9) and Seoul, Korea (August 11). In addition to creating networking opportunities through luncheons, GTEF aims at recruiting delegates from respective cities to the special anniversary edition in mid-October to explore collaboration possibilities with local tourism sector.

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