"I DO" Affordable Diamond Rings at NS Luxury

NS luxury is an upstairs diamond shop offering affordable luxurious wedding rings and engagement rings. We have attended a 3-hour class to learn about the professional knowledges about Diamond, including 4C, GIA standards. For only $380, you will be tutored by experienced diamond experts with professional services, followed by some intensive trainings, while tea and refreshments were also provided throughout the class!  

In the class, you may get to look at different type of real and fake diamond using the GIA 4Cs standard. Color. Clarity. Cut. Carat Weight. 


From excellent to poor, cut is one of the things to judge a piece of diamond. 

Carat Weight

What size is your favourite? Isn’t it just cool to hold so many carats of diamond on your hand? There is actually a test for you to tell the clarity as well as colour of the diamond, do you think you can pass the test? 


The purer the better, you may see the colours differences by comparing them side-by-side. From D (colourless) to Z (light yellow colour). 


Special equipment would be provided for you to see through the diamond. The highest would be FL (Flawless), which is rare seen in the market, to I3, which is the lowest clarity. 

We always talk about 8 hearts 8 arrows. It is actually a piece of diamond’s perfect cut of shape. You may see 8 arrows when seeing from the top, and 8 hearts if you flip the diamond and see from the bottom. 

GIA certified diamonds are trusted and the figures are only shown after a professional evaluation from the lab.  GIA created the 4C standard and International Diamond Grading System. 

When you finish the 3-hour class, a complimentary souvenir would be given too!   

Price: $380 for a 3-hour class including equipment, refreshing and a complimentary gift
Address: Flat A, 20/F, 8 Hart Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui
Telephone: +852 3565 5700
More information: http://www.nsluxury.com

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