Newly Opened: Gold Coast Prime Rib

Gold Coast Prime Rib is a family friendly restaurant with menu inspired by the old guard steakhouses. Serving prime cuts classically paired with standout sides and tastefully selected wines, the Gold Coast Prime Rib is set to become an institution on the Hong Kong steakhouse scene differentiated by its cozy setting. To celebrate its opening on 1 June 2016, guests can enjoy 25% discount between Monday and Friday, and 15% discount on Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday and its eve, until 31 July 2016.

With floor to ceiling windows framed by palm trees, early evening diners can enjoy a view of the swimming pools and yacht club before the live band performance creates atmosphere as the evening progresses.

While the Prime Rib is awaited to be served, we kick started our relaxing pampering dinner from a  warm bread basket filled with baguette and peppery dinner rolls, and some classic wine varietals from France, Italy, Australia, Chile and New Zealand have been selected to enhance the taste of the food and provide affordable enjoyment for guests.


Gold Coast Caesar Salad ($128)

 The steakhouse features a traditional menu prepared by traditional cooking method. The classic caesar salad consists romaine lettuce, creamy parmesan cheese, bacon bits, cherry tomatoes, and some crunchy croutons, you may upgrade your salad with an additional $30 for a grilled chicken breast. 


Classic French Onion Soup Gratinated with Cheese HK$98

French Onion Soup is definitely not a complicated soup to make yet very hard to find a good one in Hong Kong. At Gold Coast Prime Rib, caramelised onions are cooked in beef broth for 4 hours to make this rich French Onion Soup, gratinated with cheese on top. No beer or sherry wine was used because the chef wants it sour instead of sweet. 

If you are not a big fan of onion or cheese, you may want to consider other equally scrumptious vegetarian or seafood based soup options. 

Wild Mushroom Soup with Cheese Stick ($98)

Clam Chowder ($98)

The rich creamy clam chowder served plain and you will be served with your desired toppings including some bacon bits, chives, and oyster crackers. 


Gold Coast Prime Rib (5oz /7oz /10oz HK$288/368/488)

Prime is the highest quality grade designated to beef in terms of tenderness, juiciness and flavour and the restaurant’s generous Prime Rib Set provides three cut options to satisfy a variety of appetites. Diners can choose between the Starter Cut at 5oz (HK$288), the Signature Cut at 7oz (HK$368), or the Jumbo Cut at 10oz (HK$488) with option to add extra ounces for HK$40 per ounce. 

The prime rib is served on a prime rib cart right next to your table and your desired portion is carved from the middle right in front of you. 

Some housemade gravy is then pour over the steak with a crispy classic British Yorkshire pudding serving on the side.  The prime rib is so flavourful and succulent after being marinated for 2 days and cooked at around 42 degrees for a long period of time.

A wide selection of sauces, salt and pepper for you to choose to go with your main course. There are Cafe de Paris butter, bearnaise sauce, black pepper with cognac, five peppercorn cream sauce, and black truffle gravy. The restaurant has got you covered to spice things up. 

Apart from their amazingly delicious Prime Rib, there are plenty of other kitchen grill sets available for you to choose. 

Australian grass-fed lamb chops (8oz) ($328)

Scottish salmon steak (7oz) ($368)

Vegetarian Special – fried mushroom patties with tofu and mixed grills


Creamed Spinach, Mashed Potatoes with Black Truffle Jus and Truffle Fries feature among the five sides on offer.


Creamy homemade cheesecake served with raspberries ($88)

The silky smooth cheesecake is light and creamy with just the right balance of richness and sourness. The buttery crumbly housemade crust complimented nicely with the cake itself. 

Classic crepe Suzette with vanilla ice cream ($88)

A classic French dessert to savour. The sweet caramelised charred buttery taste matches with the tangerine and Grand Marnier liquor on top. The French crepe is thin, eggy, and fluffy, which is folded in just the perfect way. 

Classic cherries jubilee ($88)

A light and healthy dessert to enjoy prepared simply with cherries and liquor. The big and juicy fresh cherries absorbed all the good flavour and they would burst in your mouth! 

Traditional Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream ($88)

The hot, crispy and sweet-and- sour apple crumble topped with cold, soft and refreshing vanilla ice cream is an all-time favourite. This family-sized dessert can serve 4 to 6 persons.

Themed room 

There are 6 different themed room available at the hotels and they do run out very quickly so make sure act quick! Meanwhile, you may upgrade your room with $300 in July and August 2016.

Gold Coast Prime Rib

Opening hours: Daily from 6pm to 11pm
Live Band Music is available daily from 9:00pm to 11:00pm (except Monday)
Address: Lobby Level, Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel, 1 Castle Peak Road, Hong Kong
For reservations: 2452 8636 or

*Subject to 10% service charge

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