Healthy Sugar-free Breakfast Options

Jackson Chef Cafe Natural Oat and Cereal Milk Drink is my childhood kind of breakfast food since I was little. The powder only takes 120-160ml of hot water to dissolve the whole package. 

If you wish to go for a more indulging breakfast, you may add some dark chocolate powder into your oat for a sweeter and chocolate-y flavour. 

Price: $48/box
(28g x 10 packs)

Original Creamy Milk with high Calcium and Magnesium 

If you are a milk person, you may try some creamy milk powder which is a quick, easy and long lasting way to enjoy milk. 

Simply add the powder into a cup and then add your desired amount of water for your preferred concentration. It is recommended to add 80-100ml water for creamier and 140-160ml for lighter milk. I personally enjoyed making my ice coffee with this creamy milk, which gave a stronger taste and silkier texture. 

Price: $38/pack
10g x 15 packs

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