Nespresso Launches a Long and Intense "Envivo Lungo Grand Cru"

Nespresso has once again launched a brand new capsule, Envivo Lungo Grand Cru, with the intensity of 9 out of 12, to wake you up in any morning. The exclusive Nespresso brunch event took place at a Michelin restaurant, Seasons by Oliver Elzer, filled with scrumptious bites and awakening coffee. 

Selecting only the world’s top 1-2% of coffee beans, Nespresso experts have chosen a unique blend of distinctive Arabica beans from India and Robusta beans from Mexico to craft this dark roasted coffee. The washed Robusta beans produce a strong, full-bodied coffee with a more refined taste.

The new long-cup (110ml) embraces intense and roasted note and rich scents reminiscent of dry aromatic woods and gingerbread, a perfect cup to go with the Nespresso coffee inspired relaxing brunch. 

Bread Basket

Apart from the tomato brioche, the coffee pound cakes and scone were exceptionally tasteful with a strong yet not bitter coffee flavour. What’s not to love in this buttery pile of crab? 

Tomato Brioche

After trying their pound cake and scone, the tomato brioche took on a more savoury side. The flaky and crispy layers were unstoppable. 

Envivo Lungo is enjoyable on its own, and it also goes well with both sweet and savoury food. At the brunch event, we were pampered with a wide selection of bite size delicacies. 


Prawn Toast
Lobster Jelly
Duck Foie Gras Cream Egg
Caesar Chicken Salad Cube

The Lobster Jelly was surprisingly with a layer of mashed avocado at the bottom, then some fresh lobster meat, topped with another layer of smooth lobster mousse jelly. 


Coffee Cream Puff
Matcha Green Tea Mousse
Chocolate Tart
Yogurt with Tropical Fruit

Coffee Cream Puff

The cold smooth cream just oozed out when biting into this little cute puff. The bittersweet aftertaste was long lasting and memorising. 

Chocolate Tart

The chocolate tart wasn’t too sweet while the smooth chocolate texture complimented beautifully the crushed nuts on top as well as the crumbly tart base. 


The coffee macaron was mouthwatering with a hint of coffee flavour from inside out. The crispy shell with the soft cream was just fun to enjoy. 

To celebrate the launch of Envivo Lungo, Nespresso is offering exclusive discounts to Club Members with a complimentary to-do list memo pad upon purchase of a Nespresso Intense or Lungo 5-sleeve pack. This gift will be available until stocks last and each Club Member is entitled to one gift per day. Coffee lovers can also save up to 20% on selected Lungo cup sets between 13 June – 3 July 2016.

Envivo Lungo is available now at HK$55 per sleeve (10 capsules). Visit the Nespresso Hong Kong boutiques, the online boutique at or dial the 24-hour hotline (800 968 821) to pick up the new Envivo Lungo. 

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