Le French May 2016 Opening at PMQ

Le French May 2016 had kicked off its 3-day opening ceremony yesterday on 30th April until 2nd May at PMQ, with the celebrity guest Karena Lam, followed by a series of other activities throughout the whole month of May. 

Le French May is the French cultural influence from a marriage of food and drink, music, movies, and games. Live graffiti painting show will also be available at the scene. 

We have sampled a few food stalls and here is the quick review, just for you!

Monsieur Chatté is one of the most well known French shops in Hong Kong and they are offering the Traditional Raclette Platter with 3 kinds of cold cuts, potatoes, and melted raclette cheese for $100!

Tartine – offers their signature French tartine using French bread and fine toppings for a reasonable price from $65 each. 

Frensh – The french restaurant offers fresh French organic food delivery and catering services. The cute little triangle container was filled with scrumptious French bites!

Maison Argaud – The brand imports fine delicacies from France featuring duck canned products including pate, shredded duck, and some pork products also! Aren’t the duck mini slider just very cute!? 

Le Port Parfumé

Madeleines Madness $80 – for 5 pieces of lemon French madeleines with spongy moist cakey texture

Sous Vide Pork Belly $80 – the super soft juicy pork belly embraces the contrast between melting meat and crispy skin

Popsy Room Kitchen The recently opened restaurant offers a wide range of flavoured pretzels and drinks. 

Cococabana – The restaurant by the beach is renowned for their taco, burger and more. Their bacon and onion tart was sold for only $45, which was cheesy and buttery when it was served warm. 

Availability: 30 Apr – 2 May, 2016
Address: 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

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