Va Bene Special Menu from 2 Michelin Star Chef Enrico Bartolini

Va Bene is a Italian restaurant serving Halian Contemporary Trattoria since its opening in December 2015. 

The restaurant has a high transparency in the dining area as well as the kitchen. We particularly liked how they use green carpet to blend with the black and white table settings and wall. Besides, aren’t the olive oil and vinegar bottles just too cute!?

We are here today for their special menu by 2 Michelin Star Chef Enrico Bartolini on available one night on 23rd April 2016 for $888 + 10% per head. 

Onion, mango and foie gras

The onion has been deep fried while the mango has been rolled, sitting on top of a stripe of foie gras mousse. A flavourful contrasting first course to start with. 

Red prawns in two steps

The red prawn was prepared with its shell deep fried and its fresh being raw. The shell was actually so crispy that it was even edible, it was even tastier when having it with the raw red prawn meat packed of sweetness and freshness from this delicate prawn species. 

In the bowl, we have got jelly almond milk with prawn inside, swimming in a rose water and sparkling water mixture. The lightness of the soup and jelly itself balanced out with the savouriness and sweetness from the red prawn. 

Cuttlefish with saffron sauce

The cuttlefish has been slow cooked for a very long time, therefore, it literally took no effort cutting it or chewing it. The green pea and its puree was also a nice touch to this dish which is rather mellow in taste. 

Ravioli stuffed with chicken gravy and sea urchins

The little round raviolis were stuffed with blended chicken mousse like gravy, wrapping around with a very thin skin, topped with a dollop of fresh sea urchins with a pungent unique sea flavour. 

The white chicken mousse was also mixed with crushed peanuts to give a little bite and crunch to the rather soft ravioli. 

“Around the veal”

Apart from the veal itself, we have got a veal tongue terrine ball on top, and veal hock with asparagus and bearnaise sauce. 

The veal was cooked until medium-rare, which was tender with a lighter kind of beef taste. Meanwhile, the beef hock was almost jelly-like yet packed with fatty galatin-y hock taste, the bearnaise sauce on top just made things a lot more creamier, like butter. Lastly, the tongue terrine was smooth with a taste of light pate, not a bad way to enjoy it the last since it had the strongest flavour among all. 

Millefeuille with yellow apples

The millefeuille had layers of yellow apples in between with a caramelised crispy top. The vanilla ice cream on the side is just something cannot be missed for this classic dessert. 


What’s not to love with a nice cup of coffee to finish off the meal? 

Address: Shop 3, 5-6, Soho 189, 189 Queen’s Road West, Hong Kong

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