ON-YASAI Opens Second Branch in Causeway Bay

ON-YASAI has opened its second branch in Causeway Bay Plaza 2000, serving individual shabu shabu using freshly imported Japanese ingredients.

Assorted Herb Soup with Olive ($39)

To celebrate the grand opening of the new branch, the chain store has rolled out the limited Assorted Herb Soup with Olive which is a fish soup base rich in omega-9. 

Assorted vegetable (5 kinds) ($49)

The 5 fresh kinds of vegetable includes lettuce, Chinese cabbage, Brown enoki mushroom, shredded carrot, and potherb mustards. It is recommended to enjoy them in anti-clock wise order starting from lettuce. 

There are also a few new vegetarian items launching in conjunction with the branch grand opening. 

Watermelon radish ($12)

Maitake mushroom ($29)
Kintoki sweet potato ($19)
Assorted vegetable cake ($25)
Chinese Tofu noodle ($15)

Though the restaurant features their fresh Japanese veggies, you may also find a wide variety of high quality Japanese meat slices for you to go with your hotpot. 

A5 saga Japanese wagyu (sirloin) ($168)

The best kind of wagyu beef that the restaurant is serving. The marble pattern shows how evenly fatty the beef is. It is well worth it for the price if you are a meat lover!

Kumamoto pork belly ($39)

If you are not a big fan of beef, pork may be your alternative! There are a few cuts for you to choose but this pork belly is just on par!

Bonito soup ($29)

Assorted mushroom risotto ingredients ($35)

The assorted mushroom risotto is best matched in this fresh savoury bonito soup and the staff would come and help you cook the risotto in a particular order until perfection. 

After you put the rice and cook until soft in the bonito soup, you may then add different ingredients into the rice including mushroom, puffed rice. 

A beaten egg is then added to the rice to blend all flavours all together. 

Before it was served, shredded seaweed and spring onion are also added to give an extra flavour to the aromatic risotto rice filled with preserved fish savouriness from the bonito. 

The restaurant has also upgraded their technology providing a smart watch for the staff to be informed with any request from the customers including order, check, or any inquiries. 

Address: 4/F, Plaza 2000, 8 Canon Road East, Causeway Bay

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