Virgin Atlantic’s Hong Kong Clubhouse Partners with Quinary

Virgin Atlantic has teamed up with Quinary, leader of the pack of Hong Kong’s most innovative and exciting cocktail lounges and officially one of The World’s 50 Best Bars.

This inaugural collaboration between Virgin Atlantic and Quinary is the latest such partnership to grace the airline’s worldwide Clubhouses, with the likes of London Heathrow and Los Angeles already having experienced a sprinkling of magic courtesy of other globally recognised eateries and bars.

Flying Club (Virgin Atlantic’s loyalty membership program) gold members travelling with the airline or passenger travelling on Upper Class are eligible to enter the Clubhouse and enjoy the privileges.

Where would you go when you are in the airport? Apart from roaming around the duty free shops or some cafeteria, why not try to fly with Virgin Atlantic airline and enjoy their exclusive Clubhouse at the wonderful Hong Kong airport? 

Virgin Atlantic’s Hong Kong Clubhouse is well equipped with all facilities you need before your memorable flight journey to London, including WIFI internet, computers, shower, bar and refreshment. We are now going to bring you the experience of its latest collaboration with Antonio Lai, the one and only passionate award winning international mixologist and owner from Quinary.  

Antonio Lai shares the airline’s passion for outstanding cocktails with a creative twist. And no fewer than three of his signature drinks now light up the airline’s Hong Kong Clubhouse cocktail selection. For these six months customers may enjoy sheer bliss in a glass together with dishes from its regularly refreshed dining menu.

Upon our arrival, we were already served with one of the bar’s signature drink Earl Grey Caviar Martini, made with vodka, elderflower syrup, apple juice, Cointreau, lemon and lime, earl grey caviar, and air-up. Isn’t that a cute welcome to us? 

We were then showcased with three Quinary signature serves cocktails, 
Barbados Heritage, On The Meadow, and Oolong Tea Collins. (From left to right)

Barbados Heritage

Bacardi 8 rum, Cointreau, Drambuie, Pernod absinthe and chocolate bitters. A comparatively strong cocktail with a hint of bittersweet aftertaste from just a spray of Pernod absinthe, which is believed to be drunk by Einstein for better inspiration. 

Oolong Tea Collins

Grey Goose vodka, homemade oolong tea cordial and soda water. The oolong tea cordial was surprisingly intense with a floral-like tea aroma rushing through from the cinnamon stick to our noses. 

On the Meadow 

Lemongrass infused Bombay Sapphire gin, Monin mojito mint syrup, elderflower syrup, lime juice and soda water. A rather light and refreshing finish compared to the previous two cocktails, just in time for the lovely summer full of sunshine! 

Apart from the new cocktails from Quinary, Virgin Atlantic’s Hong Kong Clubhouse serves their a la carte menu on a daily basis, allowing you to pair their scrumptious food with the elegant cocktails. 


Homemade soup and croutons 

Today’s pick is Cream of Broccoli soup. The freshly prepared soup was served in a cup and poured right in front of your bear eyes. 

The soup was creamy and smooth with no broccoli lumps to it, while the buttery toasted crotons gave a nice crunchy contrast to the thick soup. What’s not to love to start our day with this green healthy nutritious soup? 

Rare beef tacos

The perfectly coked tender beef strips were coated with srircha and served with srircha mayo and fresh lime. The condiments were the icing on the cake, giving a kick in spiciness and sourness to the savoury taco. 

It is not the easiest thing to find a good piece of taco in Hong Kong, Virgin has got you covered offering you a quick taco fix before your departure. 

Crab mayonnaise salad

The shredded crab meat was completely de-shelled and mixed with sliced cucumber and mayo, then sprinkled with paprika powder. Don’t be shy to scrape the salad with the crunchy toasted sour dough! 


Green apple and endive salad (V)

The sliced apple was mixed with chunks of stilton, toasted honey walnuts and lemon dressing. The crispy fresh salad was not a bad choice if you would like to go for something lighter before the long haul.  

Main Courses

Clubhouse burger

A classic no-brainer with the works, cheese, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, and sided with crisps. The juicy meaty medium-rare burger pattie was cooked until perfection, a great satisfying option for meat lovers. 

Truffle pasta (V)

The tagliatelle was topped with shaved parmesan and rocket. The eggie pasta was cooked to the perfect al dente with a nice chew to it. The fresh pasta could never go wrong with truffle pasta, some savoury cheese and bittersweet rocket leaves. It was so good that non-vegetarians would love it too! 

Curried fish

The club has a rotating international dish every now and then. This time they were serving a signature Indian curry dish with coconut rice, a lightly spiced curry sauce and onion salad. 

It was also one of the most favourited dishes because the flaky fish fillet with creamy curry sauce was complementing with the herby aromatic milky rice flawlessly. 


Chocolate cream pot 

The chilled chocolate mousse topped with fresh cream and a snappy coffee cookie. The on par semi-sweet chocolate mousse was lightened with the freshly whipped cream dollop. You may even try to scrape the mousse out using the hard crunchy cookie packed with intense coffee flavour! What an elegant finish to our food and cocktail journey at the world’s most renown Clubhouse! 

Address1 Sky Plaza Road, Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1

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