Tasting Review: KASA New Spring Menu

Since its opening in August 2015, KASA has launched a brand new Spring menu with fresh in-season ingredients and new elements. KASA combines the best of homemade Cantonese dishes and dai pai dong delights, introducing a fun and uniquely modern twist on traditional Chinese food. We have tried a few of their new items along with some of their staple signature items. 

Arancini with preserved Chinese sausage ($38)

Inspired by the Clay Pot Rice Bowl, the arancini was mixed Chinese preserved sausage with mozzarella cheese in the middle and served with some sticky dark soya sauce. 

It was a really interesting way to enjoy rice with cheese stuffing, along with the soya sauce reminded me of Singaporean Hainanese chick rice. 

Chinese vegetable, with minced pork and soft boiled egg ($38)

Their Scotch egg is made with Chinese vegetable and minced pork mixture, with a perfectly soft boiled egg in the middle. The oozing egg yolk balanced out the savouriness from the meat shell. 

Shanghainese style braised beef short ribs ($148)

Instead of fatty pork belly, the restaurant uses a much leaner braised beef short ribs instead. The protein fibre was cooked until maximum tenderness with an effortless fork breaking effect. The Chinese slightly sweet, sour and savoury tastes were nicely marinating the short ribs. 

KASA burger ($48)

Their Burger is made with sunny side up egg, Japanese char siu with ginger Mayo, in a pineapple bun! What!? Yeah, the crunchy sweet traditional Chinese bun sandwiched with all the non-traditional ingredients, yet surprisingly created a scrumptious 

Caramelised roasted pork neck, with char siu sauce and onion ($118 in lunch set) 

One of Hongkongers’ favourite kind of BBQ rice lunch. The Pork Neck Char Siu Rice was served the traditional way with onions and a sunny side egg, it tasted a lot better with a more succulent texture from the pork neck and no artificial colouring! Eggs were used in many dishes in the restaurant and we absolutely liked how they cooked the eggs to perfection flawlessly. 

Grilled salmon with ginger and scallion sauce ($118 in lunch set) 

The salmon was surprisingly steamed in Chinese style, yet cooked to just cooked with a sexy pink centre. The omega-3 rich fish fillet was served with the Chinese pungent ginger and scallion sauce which was another bold mashup yet effortlessly matching with each other. 

KASA style french toast with peanut butter and nutella ($38)

Taking the classic dai pai dong French toast up a notch, KASA uses eight layers of toast and six layers of peanut butter and condensed milk. A variation of this French toast features six layers of banana slices and Nutella. How many layers is too many layer for this newly innovated French toast with peanut butter and nutella? 

KASA style molten duck yolk custard cake ($38)

Inside the white chocolate cake shell is a molten duck yolk custard, bursting with sweet, heavenly scrumptiousness. Their molten duck yolk custard cake has a sexy intense savoury aroma. The oozing custard was just irresistible!


Hong Kong style milk tea ($26)

Their hot drinks are served with ceramic cup with traditional pattern. Their milk tea tasted a bit different from dai pai dong as they probably used evaporated milk instead, with an extremely smooth tea base. 

Latte ($30)

KASA passionately sourced and roasted their own coffee bean. With no disappointment, latte was just on point with a great aromatic roasted coffee flavour. It was definitely awakening in a long working day in this buzzing city. 

KASA homemade 12 / 24 hours Cold Brew Coffee ($58)

Cold brew coffee has less acidity compared to hot coffee because it does not have the brewing process using heat and pressure. The long hour brewed coffee can now be enjoyed dining in or take away! 

AddressSuite 103, 1/F Shui On Centre, 6-8 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

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