Mövenpick “Exclusive Coffee Experience” with the Launch of Heavenly Hand Drip

Mövenpick introduced its Exclusive Coffee Experience in conjunction with its launch of Heavenly Drip Coffee. During the product launch event, apart from enjoy different types of Mövenpick coffee, we also get to use Mövenpick coffee in various ways. 

Do you know that used coffee powder can be reused as a hand massager and dehumidifier? By mixing coffee powder with coconut oil, then apply on your skin to soften your delicate skin! 

Meanwhile, store your coffee powder along with some sea salt in small bags to act as a dehumidifier for your wardrobes or shoes cupboards.  

Besides, there is no doubt that coffee can be well paired with a wide range of savoury and sweet bites. We have tried all of their four kinds of coffee beans including HEAVENLY, PREMIUM ESPRESSO, BLUE MOUNTAIN BLEND, and MOCHA JAVA, to go down with our scrumptious food provided by Fiat Caffé. 

During the event, Mövenpick has also launched a brand new Heavenly Hand Drip in individual packages, using 100% roasted arabic coffee beans, keep the most original taste of coffee. Simply by adding boiling water in the hand drip pockets, you may enjoy a cup of aromatic Mövenpick coffee in no time, at a retail price of only $40.9.

Store: All ParknShop, Wellcome, YATA, AEON, SOGO, UNY 
Customer Service Hotline: 2831 9603

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