The Drunken Pot – Signature Soup Bases

We couldn’t help but coming the The Drunken Pot again for the second time this week, but for a proper full hot pot dinner! Before our pot and food arrived, we were served with 12 different condiments for us to mashup while the fermented bean curd was probably something you should try. 

The Drunken Pot ($328)

The signature pot with 5 very different soup base uniquely crafted and prepared by experienced chef. 
  • whole papaya in soup (middle)
  • squid ink seafood soup (top)
  • Sichuan style numbingly spicy soup (right) 
  • shrimps, crabs and clams soup (bottom) 
  • Teochew-style satay soup (left)

We particularly liked the papaya sake soup and crab based soup because the former one’s papaya was super sweet after being cooked through, while the latter one contained lots of crab in shell, clams, shrimps, along with a generous amount of mixed mushrooms and vegetables. 

After the pot got heated up, the staff would help pouring sake into the mini papaya soup pot in the middle, then flambe it! 

Premium Sliced Angus Beef Chuck (Small) ($188)

The first impression is always important. The thinly sliced Angus beef was hanging on a rack on top of some ice. The marble beef literally took only a few seconds to get ready to be eaten. It was indeed tender and succulent in texture. The evenly spread fatty beef slices were melted in my mouth in no time, we thought there were no condiments needed. Indeed it is a must order if you are a meat lover or if you love food! 

Seven-color Cuttlefish Balls (7 pcs) ($88)

Again, the colourful squid balls were very photogenic. From black to white, there were squid ink, spinach, beetroot, purple sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin, and original. 

Deep-fried homemade bean curd and seaweed roll ($58)

It was very thinly wrapped with layers of deep fried bean curd and crispy seaweed. We found it was best to enjoy as it is without soaking it in any of the soup as it was simply scrumptious by dipping it into vinegary garlic sweet chili sauce. Not an expert of this food item but my friend was absolutely obsessed with it and she always ordered this every time when we go to hotpot. 

Overall, it was a very thoughtful dining experience with various types of soup catering for different customers, yet enjoying them all in the same pot. However, I was feeling not very well on that day so I didn’t try their draft beer and special cocktails by their mixologist. I wish to come back again to try other dishes as well as their alcoholic drinks! 

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