BLU Energy Drink – Taste of Quality

BLU Energy Drink is the healthiest & tastiest refreshing energy drink and mixer in the world! It is available in 7 delicious flavors never seen before in an energy drink. BLU Energy Drink contains less caffeine than other energy drinks, and is INOSITOL FREE. It contains extracts from Guarana root; a healthy and natural source of energy for better performance. BLU is manufactured in Europe. It is a global brand and is now available in Hong Kong & Macau.


  1. BLU is healthier (please refer to the attachment “Medical Facts.”)
  2. BLU is tastier.
  3. BLU offers 7 unique flavors.
  4. BLU offers a very competitive price.
  5. BLU is European quality (Manufactured in Europe)
  7. BLU has no bitter or acidic aftertaste
  8. BLU has no negative side effects for your body (no energy crash)
  9. BLU can mixed with all types of alcohol

BLU Original 

BLU Sugar Free

BLU Mojito

BLU Lemon Lime

BLU Cranberry

BLU Day (Fruity)

BLU Summer Edition (Watermelon)

The 7 delicious flavours feature diversity and innovation for parties or just relaxation. BLU Energy Drink is the best choice for the new generation. The mouth-watering flavours go well with all types of alcohol for the perfect cocktail! There is even a list of recipes suitable for any party or event. 



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