YU Skin Launches Absorption Tight Mask

YU Skin from Korea introduces a unique Absorption Tight Mask featuring the “intelligent memory” effect. The new mask has adopted an exceptional Powerful Lifting and Firming Memory Technology, formulated with patent ingredients such as Maca Extract and Sarsasapogenin to enhance skin’s firmness effectively and record the contour of our face for adhering firmly. 

Enhance skin’s firmness with Powerful Lifting and Firming Memory Technology

The Absorption Tight Mask contains Maca Extract and Sarsasapogenin, ingredients that have obtained patent successfully. Maca Extract, also known as Peruvian ginseng, can effectively regulates endocrine system and enhance the anti-oxidant function; whereas Sarsasapogenin works in consolidating subcutaneous tissue and increasing skin’s firmness. 

Strengthen protein axis to enrich tension

YU Skin’s protein axis concept is introduced to restore firmer elastin fibres. Adding in Adenosine, ingredient approved by KFDA, and Niacinamide is beneficial to the formation of collagen fibrils in skin tissue and aid in replenishing appropriate nutrition. Elasticity and tension will be revived to restore smoothness and firmness to the flabby skin.

Unveiling the purifying secret to fair white skin

Blackhead, lipase and aged epidermis can be carried out effectively when face mask is peeled off, while the power lifting activator opens skin pores to penetrate nutritions into skin cells and nourishes deeply for a purified and whitened skin.

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